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I cannot believe another month has come and gone! Slow down 2016, you are going too fast! There are so many things to celebrate right now. May means school is *this close* to being done for the school year. My preschooler and I have been doing homeschool this past year and we are nearing the finish line! Hooray! The end of April also says that Mother's Day is next week (!) and summertime is coming very soon! Hang on to your hats and get ready for another awesome, inspirational month of goodies to come here are Emma Marie Designs. In the spirit of celebrating, here are a few of my favorite things this month.

1. This Britax Double Stroller. Y'all, I just LOVE this stroller! I searched for the perfect double stroller for awhile before settling on this one. It has everything that I was looking for - easy to fold/unfold, lighter weight, large sun canopies, large storage basket, durable, reclining seat, and more. We use this thing just about every evening when we take a family walk together. It doesn't have any cup holders, so I need to get that add-on, but we've been ok without that so far. 

2. This pretty floral garland is back again this year! Target had it last year and I didn't buy it then, but when I saw it this past week, it just had to come home with me. It's made out of paper - can you believe that?! Pretty, pretty, pretty! 

3. A single serving chocolate cake in a mug. Y'all, this is so good! It takes a only takes a quick minuet to assemble, pop it in the microwave, and then it is ready to go. I have even taken the recipe and instead of a single serving, divided it into 2 small ramekins. That works as well if you don't want to consume the entire cake. Go make it now, you won't be disappointed. 

4. These Dust Wipes. If it's one household chore I do not like to do, it would be dusting. I have no idea why that is! I just don't like it and put it off as long as I can. But, these dust wipes make it a much easier and enjoyable task. I found that they work pretty well. I love my dusting wipes

5. Fixer Upper. Ok, I know I've got to be the last person to watch this, but now that I've seen it, I am hooked! It's on Netflix, and I have really enjoyed watching the series. I now want to buy a broken down house, completely renovate it and breathe new life into it. Does anyone else also feel the same way after watching this show? 

So those are the 5 things that I'm currently loving right now! What have you been enjoying recently? Are you ready for summer to come? What about Mother's day? Want to see more love lists? They are all right here.

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Coastal Living Room Look for Less


One thing I really like doing is looking at a room and seeing if I could get that designer look for less. This is one of my favorite living rooms. I love everything about it! It's so light, bright, and airy. And that large ottoman! Swoon!!! I did a copy-cat design board and found sources for much less. Now I'm sure that you could find things even cheaper if you looked at craigslist, the thrift store, yard sales, and/or shopped your house but these are all the pretty things I found online.

My Top Secret Tip for Sprucing Up the Yard

My Top Secret Tip for Sprucing Up the Yard - doing yard work in the spring

Springtime is here! This is my favorite season because everything is brand new, flowers are starting to bloom and there is a newness of life everywhere. But spring also comes with yard work! I don't know about you, but after a nice winter break, I am just itching to get my hands into the ground with planting flowers and pulling weeds. Now, come summer, that'll be a different story, but for right now, I love working in my yard and getting it in shape!

9 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Meal Prep

Essential Kitchen Tools to Make Cooking and Meal Prep Easier

One thing I love having is a well-stocked kitchen. Since I bake and cook frequently, having good kitchen tools is a must for me. These are my must-have kitchen tools that really have made my life easier in the kitchen. Remember when I talked about meal prepping? You can use everything on this list either for a meal prep session or in your everyday cooking. Regardless of what method you do, everything will help you get dinner on the table and are a must in any kitchen. Bonus, some of them will even cook for you! 
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