Currently Loving in September

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Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently.

1. This kitchen remodel - I love, love, love everything about this space and just had to share it with my readers! Those barstools, the pendant lights, the tiled backsplash - everything. Kristen also did the connecting dining room remodel so be sure to check it out.

2. Stitch Fix - Y'all, have you tried Stitch Fix yet? After knowing about the clothing service for a few years and wanting to try it out, I finally ordered my very first box and loved it! Try this service out if you don't have time to shop for clothes, are stuck in a fashion rut, don't have time to shop for clothes, or your options are limited when it comes to clothes. I'm going to do a completely honest review of my Stitch Fix experience  - what I received, what I kept, everything. So be sure to keep on the lookout for it! In the meantime, you can check it out here.

3. These clothing labels - Have you seen my clothing labels yet? I love cute labels and designed some of my very own for children's clothes. Print them off and use them, they are completely free! There are a few options for boy and girl clothes. Let me know what you think!

4. These healthy fruit and yogurt pops - My 4 year old and I made these healthy treats a few weeks ago and they were a hit! We both loved them. They were quite easy to make, the hardest part was waiting a few hours for them to fully freeze! Go try them out today!

5. Magnola Market Window Boxes - In August, my family and I were down in Texas and made a quick stop in Waco to see Magnola Market. I loved everything about it and could have bought everything in that store! It was a very family friendly experience for sure. One of my favorite things about Magnolia Market was the pretty window boxes and planters everywhere. Yes, I was that crazy lady taking pictures of the plants! There were pretty awesome. If you are ever in the area, stop in and visit the Silos, Market, and the entire area. Totally worth it!

So there is my little round up of things I'm currently loving right now! What are you digging these days? Have you been to Magnolia Market yet? Or have you tried Stitch Fix? Tell, tell, tell!

Disclaimer : Referral links have been used in this post. If you sign up for Stitch Fix using my link I will get a small credit at no cost to you. 

Organization Starts with Purging

Organizing starts with purging

I love to organize things! Call me weird, but I think its fun. But the first step in organizing is actually not organizing. Do you have any idea of what the very first step might be? That's right, it's purging. Purging is the very first step you have to take before you can successfully organize any area of your house. People try to get around purging by taking all their things and putting it into neat little boxes. That's not really being organized. That is having contained your clutter in the form of overstuffed drawers and filled-to-the-brim closets. This is not getting organized. This method is shuffling around your stuff and finding new ways to store it. To properly get organized, you actually need to pare down your things and find some breathing room amongst all your stuff. Easy to say and think about, but extremely difficult to execute. Just thinking about getting rid of their stuff can make some people break out in a sweat!

5 Under $50 - Blush Pink

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Rose Quartz aka Blush pink is one of the two Pantone colors of the year for 2016. I'm sure you've seen this light pastel color everywhere from clothes to handbags to pillows to notebooks and everything else in between! You might be thinking, that's great but I'm not a "pink all over the house" kinda person. So how does one bring in this pretty color without having pink all over the house?

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

How to get your house ready to sell in just 7 easy steps! The how-to & tips for house selling -

We own 2 houses right now - yes 2! We live in our primary residence and have rented the other house out for 3 years. When the last tenants moved out, my husband and I decided to not rent again and instead sale the house. It took hours and hours of cleaning, painting, and fixing this & that, but it is done and show ready. I even staged the house to make the house feel more like a home instead of a vacant house. I wanted to walk you through my home selling process in case you too are needing to sell your house and would like some practical steps to take in getting your house prepared to sell.
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