Adding Stylish Storage to the Bathroom

I love pretty baskets! Because they are so versatile and you can use them pretty much everywhere, I think you can never have enough of them around your house. Here's a quick tip for all my organizing friends! Place a big basket under the bathroom sink to make the most use of your space. You can fill with towels, toilet  paper, or other bathroom necessities. You are adding texture, style, and extra storage to your bathroom all at the same time!

Bonus - A big basket can also hid the unsightly sink plumbing! Here are just a few baskets that I found online to get the same look for your bathroom.

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Currently Loving in June

Currently loving in June @ Talking about Old Navy shorts, younghouselove's new podcast, a festive 4th of july wreath, healthy zucchini muffins, and a free font. Come chat with me!
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Hello my dear readers! I cannot believe summer is officially here and June is *this close* to being over!!! I am not ready for July to come quite yet, are you? This has been a busy and interesting summer so far for me and I'm really trying to slow down and enjoy the warm hot days. How about you? I wanted to hop on really quick to share a few of the things that I am loving right now during this month of June.

5 Ways I Simplify My Day

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Try these 5 things to simplify your day.

Sometimes when I feel stressed out and overwhelmed it's because I have too much going on in my life. I feel like my to-do list is a mile long and I can't possibly get it all done that day, let alone week! Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever feel like everybody needs you and you are only 1 person? I get that! Because I too feel this way a lot. Here's how I go from feeling stressed out and overwhelmed to feeling like I've got things under control again. First of all, I have to be reminded to stop, slow down, breathe, and then simplify my day. To simplify my day, something usually has to go. And that something is a task (or several tasks!) that is on the to-do list. I then pick the top couple of things that need to be done that day. Lastly, I fall back on 5 different habits that have been formed and woven into my days.

My Favorite Floral Fabrics

My favorite Floral Fabrics, tips, and tricks in using them.

I love springtime and I love florals. So it makes perfect sense for me to blend the two together. I've compiled a list of my favorite floral fabrics that are fresh, young, and new. That's the key with picking florals since florals can easily scream "old lady" if you aren't careful. But since none of these do that, you are safe in picking one of these. 
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