Bathroom Tiled, Grouted, and Painted

As of Sunday night, the bathroom floor is tiled and grouted! That means that today we installed the sink/counter and toilet but I still have to take those pictures so these of the bathroom floor will just have to do for tonight. I do think that this has been one of the faster projects that we've taken on. What's helped so, so, so much has been breaking it down into 2 more manageable phases. Although, the husband is pretty motivated and we've been working super fast in here. So, without further ado, here is a look at our new bathroom floor. 

And yes, when you take pictures in real life, you do have to show a new toilet sitting in the bathroom waiting to be installed. The tile we used is midnight cooper that we bought at Lowes last summer. It was on clearance so they don't have it anymore, but we got a fabulous deal on it!  This is the same tile that we used in the master bathroom. I really like having a dark floor, it makes everything else stand out more. 

The grout lines are more grey and less of a white than it's showing in the pictures. Originally, the plan was to have a dark grey but our grout got mixed up with this one. By the time we noticed that it wasn't the correct shade we picked out, it was already too late. Oh well, such is life sometimes. When doing this floor, we just decided to use the grout that we already had. I personally think it will look just fine once everything gets installed. 

The paint has also been finished! We used Valspars paint in Polished Silver. I like the grey color. And it look great on the walls in the bathroom!

So that's about it for the tile, grout, and wall color. What projects have you been doing?

Check here for the bathroom plan and here for update 1.

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