Organizing Craft Supplies

Organizing children's craft supplies

I've been organizing some of the places around my house that have been driving me nuts! Spaces that I've been meaning to get to "one day". Today I'm sharing a small organization project that I've needed to fix but never took the 5 minuets to do it. I'm so glad that I finally organized this small area that was driving me crazy! (Bonus, I did this while my little was napping and when she woke up, it was the first thing she noticed. Since putting her craft supplies in a more accessible spot, we have been painting and/or coloring every single day. Happiness all around for both of us!)

Here's where what I started with. I've shared how I kept the craft supplies organized before. A few months ago that consisted of coloring crayons, coloring books, and a few stickers. Over the past couple of months, my daughter's love for painting, crafting, and coloring has grown and with it our crafting supplies. Everything was all inside one large bin and it made me dig around every single time my little wanted to color since things were on top of one another. Annoying much?

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Organizing Puzzles and Coloring Books

So I took everything out and reorganized it to fit our growing needs. I added a smaller container inside the large bin to corral coloring books and a box for the stickers. Construction paper and stickers books go on one side, leaving just enough room up front for her painting shirt and extra paints under the shirt. 

Organized coloring books and paints

All the markers, watercolor paints and brushes, glue, crayons, and scissors I placed in this acrylic container that I already had. I love how everything is easily accessible now!  

having paints and markers organized

Here's how everything looks in it's place on the shelf. We have a handful of foam shapes and 1 set of flash cards and I placed those in the small basket. Puzzles are still in the second canvas bin. 

Organized craft supplies and puzzles

crayons and glue sticks organized

Organized paints

To those wondering, no - my 2 year old doesn't have a problem with her craft supplies out in the open. She has been trained from early on the correct way to use them and to only color in coloring books and on paper. I never have to worry if I'll see marker everywhere (although I have before!)

Organized Children's Craft Supplies

I love having everything out in the open. It reminds us to do more artwork on a pretty much daily basis. And it goes to show you how big of an impact a small organizing project can have. 

What have you been doing? Any others tackling some organizing inside or outside before the weather turns cold? Are you a believer in leaving out art supplies or keeping them out of little ones reach?

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