Where have I been?! An update

Pink Rose and black and gold tray

Oh my goodness! Has it really been this long since I was here posting and blogging? Here it is at the start of 2016 and what have I been doing, where have I been? Well, for starters I had another baby, had flooding in my house (that was fun!), started homeschooling, and tons of other personal things happened in my life. I hadn't been doing many big home improvement projects and life sorta took over - its amazing how fast that can happen!

So where am I now and how can you find me? Well, I am still organizing and doing small tweaks to my house. I am actively on Pinterest and pin things constantly. I am also on Facebook and on Periscope! I'm really loving Periscope right now. It's enabling me to continue sharing things in a way that works for where I am in life and engage with everyone. I share organizing things, daily tips, shopping deals, home decor, homeschooling, and anything else that I've got on my mind. You can find on Periscope under Kimberly Bean / emmamariedesigns. I will be updating the scope page with links and information that I talk about in my scopes so you can check it out in case you missed something. I hope to see you on Periscope - come say hi!!!

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