New Porch Light

I've been finishing up some projects recently and this one was a quick and cheap upgrade! Ever since we bought this house, I've been wanting to do update the front porch light. Here's the before. Pretty, right? 

A couple of years ago I actually spray painted the mailbox and light black. It worked for the time being, but I really wanted to replace that light. I kept looking for a couple of years for a lantern looking light that wouldn't break the bank. So in the meantime, I put a couple of planters on either side of the door, painted the door red, put a doormat out, and our initial on the door. The light wasn't too bad, but I still wanted to replace it. 

It was one of those sensor lights that only turned on when you walked in front of it - so annoying! Then I came across the perfect outdoor light at the perfect price while looking at Joss and Main one day. I ordered 2 of them right away and they are perfect! We put one on the front porch and the other on the back porch. 

Even though I've had an account for several months, this was actually my first purchase. It ended up being a breeze. I ordered and the lights came a couple of days later. Now I'm hooked to Joss and Main. I keep looking for other things to buy - ha! But back to the light - I love it. Its so cute, exactly what I had in mind!! The light was pretty easy to install so that was nice. I love having a simple and easy project that has immediate results, don't you?

So that's the story of my online buying experience and easy porch upgrade. So what have you been buying recently? Any other Joss and Main purchases?

Disclaimer: Joss and Main is a referral link so I will receive a small credit upon a purchase if you use it

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