Happy New Year

Y'all, it's January 6th. Which means that it's way past time for me to start blogging again! The holidays are all over, Christmas decorations have been put away, goals for the new year have been made, so now it's time for me to refocus on writing once more. Thanksgiving and Christmas gave me a good excuse to take a break from blogging for awhile but the thing is, once you stop doing something than it's hard to get back doing it again. 

I guess I got in a writing rut where I thought that all I could share on here is home related things. You know, the painting projects, new pillows, organization things, and the like. The problem with that is that I have not been doing any of it recently! How is one supposed to blog about home improvement or decor when she's not even doing it?! That my friends is the real reason that this blog has been silent. So after much thinking, I feel like I need to open up and broaden my horizons. 

I'm going to start writing and sharing again but it will be more than just home focused things. I need to have a creative outlet outside of being a wife and mom that gives me freedom to share whatever is on my heart to share. I'm going to write about my thoughts and passions, projects and musings.  Sure, most of the things I write about will be about the house and upcoming projects but now I've given myself permission to venture off on a non-house related subject (like potty training!). I'm pretty excited for the new year and I feel like 2014 is going to be a great year for Emma Marie Designs! 

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