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As I alluded to in my last post, I've been potty training my 23 month old. It has been quite the adventure to say the least! Potty training commenced last Saturday so for the last 9 days I have been completely focused on that. I have managed to work on a organizing project during nap time once or twice. As soon as its finished, I'll share all the details. But for now, here's some things that have been on my mind lately (besides potty training that is!) ~

1. Bookcases. I've got 2 big bookcases in the living room that I'm always trying to improve. Right now they are a oak color but I'm thinking about painting them white with a dark background. 

2. Gray Cabinets. Like the rest of my house, the master bathroom is just begging for some paint! I'm contemplating painting the vanity a grey color.

3. White walls and White Trim. The entire house is painted a beige/brown color and every.single.door and trim is cream. No, not white or off white but cream! I'm attempting to gear up the motivation to paint every.single.last piece of wood in this house knowing that I'll love it so much more white vs. wishing it were white. 

4. Re-do the Banister. I'm wanting to paint the banister that leads upstairs painting the spindles white and staining the wood to a dark color. 

5. Artwork. I desperately need some artwork on my walls! Last week I found a site that has hundreds of options for free printables. Now I just need to decide which ones I want to print off.

So there you have 5 things that have been swirling around in my head for the past week. By the way things look, I think I may need to dust off my painting brushes and get to work! 

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