New Additions to the Kitchen

The kitchen was recently shown some much needed love in the form of a new table. We needed a new kitchen table since moving into this house. The antique table we were using in our other home made its way into the formal dining room and we were just using a temporary fix in the form of a long folding table. So, after hours of researching, going into stores, and the like, we finally made a decision and brought this beauty home! 

I love her! She is the perfect addition to our house. I am currently on the lookout for some reasonably affordable chairs, but in the meantime the old chairs will do for now. I really like the rustic/streamlined look that the table has. 

The other new exciting additions are in the form of 3 pretty bar stools! You can see the backs of them here. 

The kitchen counter is pretty tall so we needed bar height stools. And as luck would have it, Target sold some that I feel in love with. They are from the Threshold line, stable, and sturdy. They are also pretty comfortable to set in as well. 

And look, tufting! I'm really into tufting right now so these beauties are perfect for the space. 

Here's the pretty view that I get to see each time I'm making lunch or some other meal each day. 

So that's the kitchen update so far. I think I may get a couple of pillows to put in the window seat, so stay tuned for that!

What kind of house updates have you been doing recently?

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