Love List

Here are a few things that I have been loving recently ~

1. Old Navy Skinny Jeans - Y'all, I confess, I almost did not buy these. Having a pair of colored skinny jeans is not really my cup of tea. But, I did buy them and I'm so glad I did because I love these pants! I now want a pair in every color. Bonus - they are now on sale.

2. Lash Love Mascara - This mascara is the best that I've ever used. I love how it makes my eyes POP. I just opened a new bottle of mascara and can defiantly see the difference it makes on my eyes. Try it and you won't be disappointed!

3. Bread Maker - I've been wanting a easy way to make homemade whole wheat bread for some time now and the solution I found was this bread maker. Y'all, this thing is amazing! I've only had it for a couple of weeks and have already made banana bread (amazing! it was soft, moist, fluffy, and the best banana bread I think I've ever had!) and 2 loaves of homemade bread. It's so incredibly easy to put a few ingredients into the pan and press start. It literally takes 5 mins, then a couple hours laster we've got homemade bread. One loaf lasts my little family awhile so I plan on making a new loaf once a week. It's easy, fast, efficient, and healthy. 

4. Self Grip Curlers - I'm in love with these curlers! My hair is flat and fine so I'm always looking for a way to add volume. Too many times I have to pull it back in a potty tail since it doesn't look good. Although I've got hot curlers and a curling iron, lets face it, I really don't have the time nowadays to spend 30 mins curling my hair everyday. Especially since my hair is oily and I have to wash and dry it every single day. Enter these curlers - a friend mentioned them to me so I tried them and love them! They are so easy and require minimal effort. I can put them in my hair when it's halfway dry to have curls, right after it's dried to have volume and slight curls, or in the middle of the day/evening to have volume.  

5. The How (and Wow!) of Habits - I just finished this book and my goodness! It causes you to think about habits and goals that you want to establish in your life. Its always good to read motivational books that help get you into life changes, especially at the start of a new year when one is already thinking about goal setting. 

6. A Notebook - I have to have a notebook to write down my to-do lists, thoughts, reminders, and the like. I recently used up the last notebook I had and was again reminded why this is something that I need in my life (too many forgotten things!). I found this pretty notebook at Target and I love it! There are plenty of pages for me to fill and each page is pretty wide. I know some people get fancy with a daily planner and all but I've learned that a basic notebook is what works for me right now. 

So there is my recent love list, it doesn't take too much to make this girl happy! What have you found recently that you love?

Disclaimer: None of these companies have paid or perked me to recommend any of these products. They are just things I love in my life right now.

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