No Spend May Challenge

So we are only 5 days into May and we've had several unplanned expenses that have come out of the checking account - locked myself out of my house while the husband was out of town, cavity filling for the husband, eye appt for me, new contacts, Mothers Day, and so on. We are also working on a few financial goals as well. This adds up to be one thing - let's not spend any unnecessary money this month, well the 25 remaining days that is!

The idea isn't a new one, google around and you'll find lots of people taking on the challenge of not spending for a period of time. I've read several things on this but never felt like I was ready to take the plunge. But, this seems like the right time to take on this challenge. Here's my take on this; no eating out, no renting movies, no ice cream treats, no shopping. I'm going to spend money for normal expenses like food and gas and things we've already planned for and agreed upon. The challenge for my household is to not spend anything on the "extras".

I'm going to purposefully stay out of the stores and work around my house - cleaning, organizing, cleaning out a few closets, and doing yard work. I'll keep y'all posted on how it's going. I invite you to join in on this challenge, whether it's for the month, week, or weekend. If you take on this challenge, be sure to share your progress as I share mine. I'm looking forward to what this month holds in store!

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