Let's Make Tissue Paper Tassels

I've been wanting to try my hand at making tassels for awhile now and last weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to do it. They are really quite simple and easy to make - my kind of craft! Let's get started. 

:: Tissue Paper - 2 sheets per tassel ::
:: Scissors ::
:: Ruler ::
:: Ribbon or Twine ::

Lay 2 sheets of paper down flat than you'll need to do a series of folds - fold in half, than in half again, than in half once more. 

Next, cut the tissue paper about 2/3rds of the way up, making sure to cut through each layer of paper. My cuts were all about 1 inch wide. Than cut along the fold of the tissue paper to make 2 pieces. 

Open each piece long ways, than fold it up to make one long strand. Fold the long strand in half and twist together, leaving some room up top to tread ribbon through. You shouldn't need any glue to hold it together. Make several more and thread ribbon through each one. Hang and enjoy!

I made several in pink, gold, and white with gold dots than strung them up onto a old, large, empty frame that I had. I love the way they look and they are perfect for springtime. These would be easy to make for party decorations or just because. Mine are hanging in my living room right now, but I can see them moving into my daughter's room at some point. 

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