Dining Room Design Board

Bright and colorful Dining Room Design Board

Last spring, the dining room got updated with new paint and flooring. I hung some pretty curtains and started a plate wall and then stopped. Now it just needs some color added and one or two more things to make it go from so-so to drop dead gorgeous! The inspiration for the entire room came from this floral fabric. With it, I'll make a couple of pillows for the corner chairs and put this gorgeous pink rug on the floor- love, love, love! I just love that pink rug! I think it'll be a showstopper for sure and really be the thing that pulls everything together.

I'm wanting to reupholster the dining chairs again in this black and white fabric, using this easy method. The starburst mirror will go over the piano with a pair of these white lamps flanking either side. Side note - Don't you just love the herringbone pattern on the base?! I already have a plate wall started with white, cream, and silver plates that needs to be expanded a bit more. I found these silver platters online, but they are pretty easy to find at the thrift store or yard sale for a couple of dollars. So yes, just a handful of things to put the finishing touches on the dining room before calling it done.

I feel like I get started decorating a room and when it gets to a certain point, it becomes "good enough" and I never seem to add the finishing touches to it for some reason. Does anyone else do this too? Why is it? Is it due to lack of time, money, inspiration, or fear? All four? I think for me it tends to be a combination of money and fear. The fear that if I buy something and it doesn't look good than I'm out of money. Or the fear that I'll paint the wrong shade on the walls and can't re-do it. The fear of making a mistake that I have to live with. Like me, you too can be fearful when it comes time to making a design decision and you let fear stop you from doing anything or, you continue to make the safe choice. No more! Let's stop that fear once and for all! Step out and try something new. Paint a bold, new color on the walls. Buy that vibrant pink rug that you've been eyeing for sometime even if people question you (I'm talking to myself here!). Here's to punching fear in the face! If you ever thought decorating was surface level, I'm here to tell you it's not. It can be scary stuff. But don't let fear hold you back from trying something new or different. Sometimes we just have to punch fear in the face and step out and do something!

Now lets play favorites - what is your favorite thing? Is it the floral fabric? The pink rug? Starburst mirror? Herringbone lamps? Black and white stripes? Old, antique silver plates? Ok, I give up! It's all my favorite!

Disclaimer: No referral links have been used. None of these companies have paid or asked me to recommend any of these products, they are just things I love right now.


  1. Very cool updates Kimberly!! Excited to see more:)


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