New Blog Redesign and a Gift for You

Welcome to the new Emma Marie Designs! The blog got a new redesign last week and I wanted to show you around today. First things first - Emma Marie Designs, Inspiration for the Everyday. I truly hope that each and every time you come to this little corner of the web you will be inspired and encouraged somehow. I want to give you inspiration and motivation as you are involved in your day to day activities. Whether that is at your house, with your children, or working at your job - wherever you are!

The new layout is so user-friendly and organized! Finally! Organization is one of my specialties, so its nice that this blog can show that now. I've got drop down menus organized by Home - Design - Create - and Life. Everything that I blog about will be under one of those topics and now it's easy to find what you are looking for!

A big "pin it" button on each image to make it easy for you to pin directly to Pinterest. There is also a very short bio about me on the sidebar. To read the full bio, go to the "about me" page. More details on that is down below.

The sidebar also got a pretty facelift - I've got social media buttons where I hang out each day, a search bar in case you are looking for something specific. And it's easy to subscribe to get freebies and updates. Speaking of freebies, I've got a special something for all of my readers at the end of this post!

There is also a popular posts page that'll be updated. Subjects like "organizing craft supplies", "Touring our 1st house" (which by the way was a mini series and got it's very on spot on the blog!), storing baby clothes, and "6 easy ideas for table centerpieces" are among my top posts right now. There are similar posts to read in case you want more inspiration and social sharing buttons at the end of each post.

There are different categories for each topic written about, a month by month blog archive, and the 1st image of each post identifies what the post topic is. I have added easy navigation wherever possible, trying my best to make this user-friendly as much as possible! There is also another spot at the bottom of each page to join the mailing list so that you won't miss a thing. My goal is to make things easy for you to find quickly and give you the best experience that I possibly can each and every time you visit Emma Marie Designs.

At the top of the page, there are some extra tabs - 1 for contacting me, 1 for an in-depth about me, and 1 for my fellow scopers (are you on Periscope?) I love to connect with my readers so don't hesitate to contact me, comment, or find me on social media. 

I know this was a rather long, detailed post so I wanted to give you something for being so awesome and staying with me to the very end! I'm all about lists so I created a couple of printable lists for everyone! One is a daily cleaning list and the other is a master to-do list. You could print them off, laminate them, and use them over and over and over. Or, you could print them off as needed. They are free, for you to download, print, and use! View and download on google docs

I tried really hard to make this design user-friendly, simple, organized, and inspirational for all my dear readers. and hopefully, I've done that. I've got so much to share with you so, as always, stay tuned for more inspirational, encouraging thoughts and projects. In the meantime, go poke around and check things out on the new blog for yourself! 

 Now it's your turn to tell me what you think about the new Emma Marie Designs blog redesign. How do you like your free printables? Aren't they awesome?!

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