6 Tips to Get your Front Porch & Yard Ready for Spring

Springtime is here! This is my favorite season because everything is brand new, flowers are starting to bloom and there is a newness of life everywhere. But spring also comes with yard work! I don't know about you, but after a nice winter break, I am just itching to get my hands into the ground with planting flowers and pulling weeds. Now, come summer, that'll be a different story, but for right now, I love working in my yard and getting it in shape!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Seeing all the flower beds that need time and attention and wondering what kinds of flowers to plant where! Does that sound like you? Can you relate? Here's my top secret tip for knowing how to spruce up the yard - Pick 1 area to focus on and start there. That's it, just 1 area. Once you do that, than pick 1 more area. If you continue picking 1 area of focus, your entire yard will be looking fabulous in no time at all! This principle is so simple yet so profound. Even with something as simple as focusing on 1 area, it can still be hard to do. Why? Because if your yard is anything like mine right now, it all needs your attention!

So what if your entire yard needs help? Then where do you start? It's simple. Start with the biggest bang for your buck. What is the first thing that people see when they see your house driving or walking by? The very front of the house. Even more precise - the front porch. That's right! Start your spring spruce-up with your front porch. Than do the front flower beds after the porch looks amazing. After the front looks good, than move to the sides, finishing up with the back of the house.

At my house, I have many different flower beds that were all severely neglected for a few years before we bought the house. Grass and weeds were everywhere! It was truly overwhelming to think of everything that needed attention, but we started small with just 1 little flower bed and went from there. It's taken us 3 springs to get all of the flower beds looking good Now we are looking at the very last flower bed to clean out - finally! So I know that my top secret advice works, because my yard is living proof! Try it and see if it works for you too.

To help you zone in on getting the front porch ready for spring, I've got a step-by-step checklist for you. You ready? Great! 6 easy steps to help you get your front porch and surrounding flower beds whipped up into shape and looking fabulous in no time at all. Some might take you 30 mins and others 5 mins.

1. Clean 
Yes, clean. Clean all the dirt and grime off the chairs, windows, and floor. Clean all the spider webs out from the corners. Clean your front door. Go a step farther and powerwash the entire porch if you can. Clean, clean, clean. Everything looks a million times better when it's clean and shiny.

2. New Doormat
Y'all, this is so simple yet you would be amazed how often this gets overlooked. You can get a new doormat for $15 at Target, so there is no excuse to throw out that worn-out, seen better days doormat. Plus, it can set the tone for creating a welcoming entrance. So replace that doormat!

3. Wreath on the Front Door
I love seeing a pretty wreath on the front door. You can buy one or easily make a pretty wreath with a grapevine wreath form and some pretty flowers. If you need any ideas, look at my Pinterest wreath board.

4. Add Color with Pillows
Pillows are my go-to to add instant color. Put some on a rocking chair or bench - I am a pillow lover and a firm believer that a pillow can be anywhere. Even on the porch! Outdoor pillows are not that expensive and can add color and interest.

5. Flowers
Bright, fresh flowers are so welcoming to see on the porch. You can put some flowers next to the front door, going down your steps, by a chair, on a table, in a corner, really anywhere! My favorite ones to use are petunias (full sun) and impatiences (full shade). I've had the most luck with those two hardy flowers. Get some pots and start planting!

6. Prune & Add More Flowers 
So this last step might take you a bit longer to do, but it's just as important. Prune any bushes back a little bit and then, you can plant some pretty flowers to freshen up the space. The finishing touch is mulch or pine straw. I don't know why, but whenever I lay out mulch, it makes everything look complete. But remember, start small with just 1 flower bed and work your way from there.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some real life befores and afters. This is the front porch and front yard of our first house right before we bought it.

before front yard needs cleaning up

This house was totally lacking in the curb appeal section. You can't even see the door! In fact, we sent this picture to my mother in law and she asked if we could send her a picture of the front of the house! But, after some hard work of removing bushes, pruning the tree, taking down the falling apart fence, clearing out the weeds, and planing new flowers this is what we now had! It is the cutest house on the street!

This house is so cute with serious curb appeal! I love the bench and little table & chairs. The flower beds are perfect! I love the red front door. Love, love, love! emmamaredesigns.blogspot.com

Hopefully, I have convinced you to get out there and spruce up your porch and yard for spring! If so, than mission accomplished! So remember, pick 1 area to focus on, like the front porch, and then move on from there. Spring, we are ready for you! and watch out Lowes - everyone's coming to the garden center! 

Have you already started sprucing up your yard this spring yet? I've just started and will be working the next couple of weeks on my yard. Stay tuned for updates along the way! Do you enjoy doing yard work? How about the finished product? What are your favorite flowers that you like to use each year?  Tell, tell, tell! Make sure you download the checklist!

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