A Completely Honest Review of Stitch Fix

**Disclaimer** This is NOT a sponsored post, however, I am using my affiliate link. The information below is based on my personal experience using Stitch Fix and could easily change as their business grows. For more information see my disclosures here

The first time I heard of Stitch Fix was about 3-4 years ago. Everywhere I was looking, people were talking about Stitch Fix and how it was changing the way they shopped. I've been wanting to try the personal styling service out ever since then. Well, last month I finally signed up for my very first box! During the next several days, I greatly anticipated receiving my fix. Would I love it? Would I hate it? Am I wasting the $20 styling fee? Would things fit? So many questions!

I wanted to be completely surprised so I did not look at the items that they sent me before opening up that box. The day finally came that my box arrived! Hooray!!!! I tore open the box and read the personalized note from the stylish. Before I go into any more of my story, you may be asking yourself - What in the world is Stitch Fix? What is this stuff about a personal stylist? Is there really somewhere where someone picks out clothes for you that you get delivered to your doorstep?!

See exactly what clothes I got in my latest Stitch Fix Box! plus tips to help you get the best clothes from Stitch Fix @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Stitch Fix is a online clothing store where you have a personal stylist choose clothes for you based on your profile and then send them to you all wrapped up neatly in a pretty box. This service is for you if you want to look nice and put together but 1. hate shopping 2. don't have time to shop 3. have limited clothing store options and/or 4. want to step out of your comfort zone and try some new clothes!

How Stitch Fix Really Works

1. Sign up for an account - You can sign up for FREE

2. Fill out your "Style Profile" - The stylist will look at this to determine what clothes you would like best so plan to spend a few extra minuets on it. You answer questions about what style of clothes you like, what colors you like, what you are looking for (business, casual, event, no jackets, ect.). You can link to your Pinterest clothes board to better give the stylist an idea of what you like to wear. I recommend that you be as detailed as you can. You can personalize your Stitch Fix experience by setting price limits or requesting to not be sent certain articles of clothing (no jackets, no scarves). Stitch Fix allows you to completely customize your experience.

3. Request when you want your box to be sent to you, pay the $20 styling fee, and you are done. After your style profile is all set up, you can choose to either set a date to have your fix shipped to you or, you can wait awhile to set up a date. You do not pay the $20 styling fee until the fix is coming your way. The $20 styling fee is credited to your account to apply to whatever in the box that you are keeping.

4. Stitch Fix assigns one of their stylists to you (you can also request to have a particular stylist). The stylist then picks out 4 articles of clothing and 1 accessory for you. These 5 items are based on you style profile.

5. Stitch Fix packages up the 5 items, a personalized letter from the stylist, and a prepaid return envelope very neatly in a box and ships them to you. You receive the fix on your doorstep, no going out and about, no driving to the mall. Clothes come to you!

6. Keep what you want and send the rest back to Stitch Fix. You have 3 days to try on the clothes at home, choose what you want to keep, and send what didn't work back to Stitch Fix in the prepaid envelope at no additional cost to you. The $20 styling fee is applied to your order. If you decide to keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount on your entire box! 

My Experience Using Stitch Fix

Now that you know exactly how Stitch Fix works, I'll finish telling you about my  experience. I filled out my style profile, left a note for the stylist, paid the $20 stylist fee and patiently waited until the day my box arrived. As soon as the Stitch Fix box was delivered, I opened it up, read the note from the stylist, and my spirits immediately fell flat! Say what?! My note referenced things like "the upcoming wedding" and "your request for a maxi dress". Ummmm, just where is this information coming from? I put very detailed notes when I ordered the fix and did not reference either of those things. To her defense, the stylist did read my notes to her but they were outdated! By 3 years! I filled out a very detailed note when I ordered the box so I'm not quite sure why the stylist didn't read that. I guess it got lost in the internet world. So after feeling like the air was let out of my balloon, I opened the rest of the box to see what was in there. Erica was my stylist and *spoiler* I think she did a pretty good job, especially considering the mixed up notes!

Addae Knit Dress by Renee C @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Renee C Addae Knit Dress ($74) - The first thing I saw and tried on was this the black and white dress. I really liked the dress! It fit well and was made out of a good material, a heavier knit. I liked the cut of the dress, the design, how it fit - everything! My stylist thought it would be a good dress to wear to a wedding I was attending (unfortunately this was outdated information as there is no wedding on my agenda!). The only thing is that it's more of a spring/summer dress and as it's October, I need to be buying fall/winter things. If this was spring/summer, I would have totally kept it! Verdict: Sent Back

Reyna Knit Maxi Dress by Renee C @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Renee C Reyna Knit Maxi Dress ($78) - Honestly, I didn't like really anything about this dress. It was a razorback and I don't wear those types of dresses. It was way too long, (but I generally have that problem with maxi dresses), I didn't like the chevron/tribal pattern, and the middle had this elastic waistband that allowed the upper fabric to overhang a bit. It was not in the least bit flattering on me! I did like the colors in the dress and it would be nice to wear on a hot summer day. It was just meant for a taller person in a warmer season. Not for a 5'5 woman in Oklahoma in the fall. Verdict: Sent Back

Greenich Striped Knit Top by Pixley @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top ($48) - So after the maxi dress debacle, I tried on the navy stripped shirt. Y'all, the stylist completely hit it out of the park with sending this shirt! Can I just say how much I loved this shirt?! The material is so, so soft, it fit like a glove, it has stripes!, and there was added interest in the form of elbow pads, side slits with leather, and the back is slightly longer. It is also perfect for the coming cooler weather and something I can wear with jeans or leggings. I knew that I would live in this shirt all fall and winter. I also knew that I couldn't get anything similar to this where I live, so **spoiler** - I knew I had to keep it! Verdict: Kept!

Callie Denim Jacket by Kut From The Kloth @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Kut From The Kloth, Callie Denim Jacket ($84) - After the shirt, I tried on the Kut from the Kloth denim jacket. This was a nice denim jacket and it was a softer denim material, not the usual stiff denim. It fit very well and would work very well for cooler temps. I'm just not a big denim jacket person right now and would much rather have a leather jacket. But, if I were looking for a denim jacket, I would possibly consider keeping this one. Verdict: Sent Back

Corey Pink Stone Necklace by Bay to Baubles @ emmamriedesigns.blogspot.com

Bay to Baubles Corey Pink Stone Necklace ($34) - Lastly, the stylist sent a pink and gold necklace. It was pretty, but once I put it on it was too small for my liking. I would have much rather preferred a big statement necklace or a great pair of earrings. I also thought it was a bit expensive for costume jewelry and for what one could get at Versona, Charming Charlies, Target, or somewhere similar. Verdict: Sent Back

I thought the quality of material was great and the prices just about right on most of my items. I loved how well everything fit. I loved the dress Addae Knit dress and had a pretty hard time letting that one go. I love, love, love the Greenich Stripped Shirt and know it's something that I'll wear again and again. I had a really great 1st experience with Stitch Fix and am going to order another box again sometime soon. Here I've made a few lists to help you consider if Stitch Fix is right for you and tips to help you get the best experience and clothes you can from Stitch Fix.

Pros To Using Stitch Fix 

  • Someone else picks out clothing for you. This is pretty awesome if you don't like shopping for clothes or if you find yourself stuck in a clothing rut.
  • They deliver right to your front door. Amazing if you are like me and 1. have limited clothing stores around you and 2. have small children that make clothes shopping not fun.
  • No need for you to go shopping if you don't want to! You get to stay up on top of the clothing trends, your wardrobe stays updated, and perfect for busy women. Pretty amazing!
  • Great excitement and anticipation on receiving clothes in the mail. Try it, it's so fun to get that box delivered to you on your doorstep! 
  • You try on things that you necessarily wouldn't have picked out yourself. This is meant to be a fun, adventurous experience for you. So even if you received something that you don't really like, after trying it on, you could change your mind.
  • The styling cards that your stylist includes with each fix are so helpful for coordinating outfits. Especially if you need help pulling outfits together. These cards are yours to keep. Even if you didn't keep the items, you can still reference them to pull together outfits out of the wardrobe you already have. 
  • You can request a certain stylist. If you like the job that a stylist has done, you can request to stay with that person. Or, if you know of a stylist who picks out clothes that you love, that you can request that stylist to style your fix
  • Checkout was a breeze! Way, way better than standing in a line at the mall checking out. You can do everything on your phone or computer

Cons To Using Stitch Fix 

  • You never know what you're going to get. If you are a person who needs to control everything, than you may not like this aspect.
  • The stylist may not look at the notes that you have written down. As in my case, she did look at them but the outdated ones. 
  • Price point - Expect boutique pricing, so if you're budget is the clearance rack or the thrift store than this is not for you. 

A Quick Word On Stitch Fix Pricing
A question on everyone's mind is how much are Stitch Fix clothes? Are Stitch Fix clothes expensive or overpriced? Here's how I can best answer those pricing questions. There is a range of prices. You can see that everything in my box was between $34-$84. I specifically asked for clothes that were under $100. Something to keep in mind is that Stitch Fix is boutique pricing. Stitch Fix clothes are more expensive than the thrift store or clearance rack. If that is what you are used too, than you will think Stitch Fix is overpriced and it's probably not a good fit for you. But, for boutique prices, they are just about right. Plus, you can get 25% off your entire box if you keep all 5 items. Not too bad a deal if you ask me!

Tips to help you get the best clothes from Stitch Fix @ emmamariedesigns.blogspot.com

Tips For Getting The Best Clothes From Stitch Fix

  • Be very detailed in the notes on your style profile and when ordering your fix - sizing, likes/dislikes. Be very through and honest and give accurate measurements. If you are looking for a particular item, let them know! Details really do help the stylist pick out your clothes.
  • You can request a stylist. If you like the job that your stylist has done, you can request to stay with that person. Or, if you know of a stylist who picks out clothes that you love, that you can request to have that stylist put together your fix.
  • You can request clothes that you've seen online. Stitch Fix tries to honor those kinds of requests if they have the item in your size. 
  • Make a style board on Pinterest with notes to your stylist. Tell them exactly what you like about the article of clothing. Details matter!
  • Link a Pinterest style board in your comments when you order. This can help the stylist know what kind of clothes you gravitate towards and what you like.
  • After you've decided what to keep and/or return, give very honest feedback on the reasons why you kept/returned what you did. This can help them on future fixes for you.

A very honest review on Stitch Fix plus pros and cons and tips to help you get your best fix ever @ emmamriedesigns.blogspot.com

Try Stitch Fix And Change The Way You Shop For Clothes

Are you ready to give Stitch Fix a try? Sign up using my referral link (included here and throughout this post). When you do, I will receive a small commission which will help offset some of the costs associated with running this blog so that I can continue sharing this type of post with you.

Now that you've seen and heard me talk about my latest Stitch Fix box, I want to hear from you! Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Wanting to give it a shot? Or have you been shopping somewhere completely different and found some amazing clothes? Tell me all about it!

Psssst! Are you interested in seeing what clothes I have pinned to my Pinterest Style board? Also, here is where you can find me on Pinterest! Here is where you can find my other shopping posts.

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