Make Your December Calendar and To-Do List

Welcome back to day 2 of the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas series! If you missed day 1 of the organized for Christmas series than you can get caught up and download the free Christmas planner right here. Speaking of the Christmas planner, how do you like it? I hope you love it just as much as I do. Do you have the planner put together in your binder yet? If not, than take a few minuets right now to get that ready because we start filling out a couple pages in 3 - 2 - 1!

Today is all about the calendar and the to-do list. Oh the calendar. December is one of those months that we tend to have events and parties and activities every single day of the week. Than the kids are out of school and we have to shop for gifts and do all of our regular tasks and chores to do as well. How are you supposed to get it all in without going crazy? I'm so glad you asked that because that is exactly what we are chatting about today.

You have to start by being intentional about your time. Intentionality is the name of the game, especially during the Christmas season. Remember that if you fail to plan than you plan to fail. Obviously we are not going to fail this Christmas season because we have a plan and that starts with actually writing every single little detail down on paper. 

You have got to write down all the details that are going to happen during the holiday season. Take a few minuets right now to write down any and all activities that you know are going to happen during the month of December. You want to fill in as much as the month as you are able too. If you know that there is a party that you usually attend each year but haven't heard exactly the date/time, than take 2 minuets to email or text the party host. 

Next, start writing all the different things that you need to accomplish during the holidays. This includes decorating the house, buying the Christmas tree, sending Christmas cards, buying a dirty santa gift, planning your Christmas party, finalizing travel arrangements, and anything else that you need to do. If you need to print off another to-do list, than now is the time print it off. The goal here with each of these 2 tasks is to get everything that's swirling around in your head down on paper. It's less likely that something important will fall through the cracks when it is written down.

Now that you have everything written down on your to-do list, take a look at your calendar and write down when you are going to do some of the tasks. What day do your Christmas cards need to be mailed? When are you decorating the house? When do you want to deliver neighbor gifts? When are you shopping for gifts? These things will not happen on their own, you have to be intentional about setting a designated time for them to happen. Now, go back through your to-do list and ask yourself is there something that you can take off of the list? You don't want to be so busy that you forget to savor the holiday season. 

Remember to schedule in some family time and alone time. Do things that you enjoy doing and find relaxing. The last thing you need to do is to have every single day of the week filled in. You want to take time to enjoy the holidays and that includes slowing down and taking time to rest. You will be able to enjoy the Christmas season so much more when you are rested. 

Today's Assignment

Take 15 minuets to write down everything that you already know that you'll need to do during the month of December. Fill in the December calendar with all the different events that you'll attend. Send an email or text to the host(s) to ask about party details if needed. Go ahead and schedule time to decorate your house, send out the Christmas cards, to shop, and some downtime. 

Did you get the Christmas planner yet? Did you take a few minuets to fill out your calendar and to-do list? Did you schedule some relax time and family time in there as well? Great! You are well on your way to having your Christmas completely organized this year! Come back here tomorrow for the next assignment. 

Comment below and tell me what your biggest challenge with planning out the month of December is. Do you find that it's easy to enjoy the holidays or are you just rushing through them running to the next event?

If you missed a day of the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas series, you can find those right here.

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