Baby Room Fabric

I've been trying to find some fabric to make curtains for my baby's room and I'm having no luck! The walls are green, the furniture is white, and there are pink accents on prints in her room. Lately I've been thinking about using this fabric for the curtains ~


I can't decide if it's too coral. Since the accents in her room are pink, I need pink vs. coral coloring. It's been quite the challenge to find something that I like that is also in my price range. I don't like the bedskirt that is on the crib, so I was thinking about re-doing that as well. I'm leaning towards this fabric for the crib skirt ~


I'm in the middle of painting a bookcase to put under the window. At first it was going to be light pink but now I'm leaning towards navy. It seems like everything is pink, green, and white so I thought it would be nice to bring in another accent color here and there. I love green and navy together, so wouldn't they work well with pink too? With my baby at 13.5 months, one would think that her room would already be done - but it's not. I did have her room completed at one time, but since then she's changed rooms. The hubby didn't want to repaint the walls (the green does look nice with the white furniture and pink pictures on the wall) and we left her curtains in her old room. So that's why I'm searching for fabric. Here's what we need to do ~
  • Curtains
  • Decide on a color and paint bookcase (navy?)
  • New light fixture (I've already found one, just have to buy and install it!)
  • New bedroom and closet doors (the current ones are dated, brown, and need to go)
Hopefully I'll get this room done soon!

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