Bight and Happy Room Design Board

Last night I ran into Joann Fabrics and saw this fabric. I feel in love with it at first sight! Since I couldn't stop thinking about it, I came up with this simple mood board for any room adding in color and accessories. 

  • Here is the fabric that is the main focal point for the room. It would make beautiful curtains! 
  • Use this pillow, this one, and this one on the sofa. I would do a couple of yellow, than one each of the other ones. One could also use the chevron pillow in an accent chair (or two). 
  • This mirror would look great on the mantel.
  • Frame these botanical prints above the sofa.
  • This lamp goes on either side of the sofa as it plays off of the mirror.
  • Since there is so much color going on with the curtains and pillows, I suggest using this rug to keep things quiet on the floor so the focus would remain upward.
  • Lastly, these beautiful candle holders to go on the mantel.
So there you have it, colorful accessories to brighten any room that's perfect for springtime!

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