Jewelry Storage

Today I thought that i would share with y'all how i keep my jewelry all organized. I covered a bulletin board in fabric, then hung all of my necklaces and earrings from clear pushpins. I love that my necklaces are staying tangle-free! I put some bracelets, watches, and rings on the long silver tray in front, with more bracelets in a white bowl. So many pretty colors to look at all the time.

Loving the gold and mint colors right now! For all of the earrings that couldn't get hung up I placed them into this fun ceramic egg crate.

The things that I wear most often never get any dust on them, but some of my lesser worn jewels do get dust. To me it's not a problem to wipe off any dust that does happen to accumulate. I love how everything looks on my dresser. It's pretty yet fully functioning at the same time. And as an added bonus I get to see all of my bling all at once so nothing gets forgotten (hopefully!).

What is your favorite way to store your jewelry? Out in the open or in a pretty box? Don't forget to download the step-by-step instructions! Here is where you find more organizing solutions and easy crafts to make.

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