Patio Paving

The hubs and I worked on laying some pavers last night, this morning, and afternoon for a little while each time and I'm excited to say that one area is 90% finished and another should be 90% finished this evening! All finished except for some cuts that we'll have to make around the edges. Then all we'll have left is to re-do the walkway around the tree! 

Speaking of which, I did lay pavers on the walkway but they look terrible!!! We have to come up with a good plan on how to lay them that matches the rest of the area while curving at the same time. I think it will involve a lot of cutting. Oh well, at least the rest of the patio hasn't really required too many cuts as of yet. 

Once we got a good system down, laying the pavers wasn't too hard. We would lay some paver base, sand, then pavers in a small area and work that way. It really helped to break things up into more manageable pieces at a time. I found that laying pavers was pretty similar to laying tile.   

Hopefully tomorrow's quick update will include a picture of all the pavers laid down! Until then!! 

Pssst - Read all about the project here and here

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