Back Porch Tour

Do you remember the tour of my old house? The one that I started last July? Yes, its almost been a year and I'm finally, finally doing the very last post! This one is for the back porch and yard. Some things that I love about this house is the big backyard, all the large trees, and the wooden privacy fence. Three things that you don't always get in my area of the country.

This was taken right before the house was ours. We took the old picnic grill out, replaced all the windows, and enlarged the porch. 

I wrote about the patio project last year - planning, update 1,  laying patio pavers, update 2 . Extending the patio was an awesome idea and I'm so glad we did it. It added twice the amount of space that we originally had. 

You can't see it, but I also had a small garden area were we built 2 raised garden beds. 

So that concludes the tour of the first house! What was your favorite part? 

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