Dining Room and Den Tour

Today I'm showing you the dining room and den of the 1st house. Here's what it looked like at the home inspection. Lovely with all it's cream with pink undertones colored walls, brown trim, and wall to wall cream carpet.

I didn't have a before picture of this little wall, so here's one right after we moved in. 

After replacing the carpet with wood laminate floors, white trim, new paint on the walls, light fixture, and a stenciling an accent wall here's the fresh, new dining room! 

So much better than the before pictures! It's amazing what a new coat of paint on the walls and trim will do. 

And since I already gave you a sneak peek of the den, I'll go ahead and show you that room as well. Y'all, if the kitchen was a little dark hole, than the den is the kitchen's sister. Just as dark and tiny feeling. And that ceiling fan! What a safety hazard! We replaced the fan right after we moved it and discovered why it was wobbling back and forth when it was on. It was just hanging on a hook through the sheetrock!!! Not even on a stud, just sheetrock. And did I mention the newspaper that was right up above it. Yes, so very thankful that was one of the first things we did after moving in!! By the way, have you ever seen metal pistachio green mini blinds before? I have, in fact I owned them at one point as they came with the house. Classy

After getting new paint on the walls, painting the built-ins, paneling, and trim bright white, new flooring, bamboo blinds, and replacing the ceiling fan, we had a whole new room. I love how cozy this room was, we spent a lot of time in here. And the window had a fantastic view of our backyard.

So that about does it for the dining room and den. What's your favorite part of the house so far? Even after moving, I'm still in love with all the white trim (I have loads of cream now), big windows, and those floors! 

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