Master Bedroom and Bathroom Tour

I'm picking up with the tour of the old house, showing the master bedroom and bathroom.

As soon as you start walking down the hallway, you come to the master bed and bath. And y'all, there was nothing "masterful" about it. 

It wasn't a bad room, just needed some fresh paint on the walls, white trim, get rid of the very long cable, replace all the electrical sockets, and install a new light fixture. So that's what we did and after fixing those things, we had a new room.

Now get ready for the master bathroom which I affectionally called the "yellow bathroom". We did a complete gut job in here including taking out a wall and raising the shower ceiling! But before I get too ahead of myself, behold the before -

What I want to know is who in the world puts paneling in a bathroom?! Or closes off the shower to make it seem like a tiny, dark, cave?! 

So after tearing out the half wall to open up the shower, raising the shower ceiling to be flush with the rest of the room, replacing the cabinet, sink, light fixture, toilet, tiling the shower and floor, painting, and everything else we had a completely different bathroom!

Y'all, I love this room! It is one of my favorite makeovers that I've done so far. And I loved that shower! The frameless shower door completed the entire room. Now instead of feeling like you showered in a dark cave, it feels so open and airy. So that about wraps it up for the master bedroom and bathroom. Next week I'll show the rest of the house and the backyard, stay tuned! 

Pssst! I actually blogged a little bit about the tile back here, here, and here and talked about bathroom organization here

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