Ribbon Organization

After taking some time off from blogging for out of town travel, vacation, and such, I'm  back! I've got a few things around the house to share and organization things to done. It always seems like September brings with it a renewed sense of "let's get some things done/organized/cleaned". I think it's the cooler mornings that say fall is coming. Or maybe it's just me. Ha! Now that the piles of laundry is done and the fridge is stocked again, I feel like I can start working on my various projects once more and finish up the old house tour (eventually!). So I'm ready to get after it again. Who's with me?! 

Here's a quick little project that I did right before I left town last month. It was super simple, easy, and quick! I call it ribbon organization aka make the ribbon fit in the box better. 

Yes, that is my entire collection of ribbon! Sometimes I just can't resist those great Hobby Lobby sales. That pretty pile of color is the result after I got my hands on everything. Want to see what it looked like before?

Yep, all the ribbon was jumbled up in that little box. The lid would hardly stay on it! It was such a mess and drove me crazy. So enter these cute little wooden clothes pins that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

All I did was wrap each piece of ribbon around the stick, securing it with the yellow twine. Too easy! I have several pins left over so it'll be easy to keep up with when I  get more ribbon. The lid can fit all the way on, I can see exactly what colors I've got, and the best part is that everything fits in the same green box with room to grow! Win, win, win.

So that's my super easy, but cute way of organizing a pile of ribbon. What have you been organizing? Any fall cleaners out there??

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