Bathroom Design Board

I put together a bathroom mood board that is bright, cheerful, and happy. I focused on accessories because that's the fun part in any decorating project, right?!

  • It all started with this shower curtain. I love the yellow and white stripes! I think it would update any bathroom instantly and and be the focal point of the room.
  • This bathmat is modern looking and has a interesting design on it. It adds a bit of pattern on the floor without adding too much.
  • I just LOVE white towels! They say "luxury and spa" to me. These towels have a bit of texture on them, which I love.
  • How pretty are these soap and lotion dispensers?! It adds that touch of luxury that we all like. I love the wire basket that they are in. Another bonus is that after you use up all the soap/lotion inside you get to refill it up again with whatever you've got in hand and still have the pretty containers. 
  • This art print and this one would bring in some extra color. I would place them next to each other in white frames.
  • I really like this wastebasket! So pretty and it coordinates with the soap and lotion dispensers
  • I think this tray is adorable! That green design is so chic. It is big enough to hold a plant and a candle or a sea sponge on it. 
  • Speaking of plants, I think all bathrooms need a plant in it. If yours doesn't have enough light in it for a live plant than get a faux plant that looks real. (Ok, I probably just broke a few rules saying that, but lets face it, some of us can't keep plants alive! So get something that doesn't scream fake - ok?) I would put this one on top of the toilet paired with the green tray.
  •  These acrylic containers would look pretty sitting in a cluster on the counter holding cotton balls, q-tips, and unwrapped bars of soap.
So there's my ideas for a pretty bathroom update! What's your favorite part? I'm in love with the shower curtain, art prints, and that green tray. What about you?

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