Book Storage for Baby Room

We've been having crazy weather here in Oklahoma on and off for the past several weeks. On some days it is bright and sunny while the next is back to freezing and windy. Nature seems to be holding on tightly to the last bit of winter for as long as it can. On the days that it's beautiful, I've been going outside to work on some projects that I've had to put off for the past few months. Do you remember when I first mentioned the book and toy storage problem (or lack thereof) in my daughters room? Well, it looks like that no longer! Here is what the reading nook looks like today ~ 

It all started when I found a library bookcase in Goodwill a few months ago. I realized that it would be fun way to display all my daughter's books while encouraging her to use them daily. Since she loves to read, I knew we would get a ton of use from it. Here is what the bookcase looked like when I brought it home. 

I always have to look past the appearance of things to see the potential in items, don't you? After several coats of Valspers Deep Sea Diving, the bookcase looks completely different and ready for her new home! It's amazing what a new coat of paint does for things. I thought it would be fun to look back at all the different stages that this little nook has been in.

I am embarrassed to say that her room looked like this for several months. A much too small bookcase overflowing with toys and books. Which then progressed to this pile of books on the floor after I moved the bookcase into the closet for toy storage. 

And that has turned into this. Finally a pretty and functional space!!!

Mission accomplished for the reading nook! The only thing I can't believe is how long it took me to do this. 

What projects have you been doing this spring?

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