New Living Room Rug

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? I surely did, and now it's back to a busy week. I've been doing a few updates here and there around the house this past week and I can't wait to show you what I've been up to! First up is a new rug. I ordered her a couple of weeks ago and she was delivered on Friday.

I love her!  To tell the truth, I was a bit apprehensive and fearful. What if it didn't look right? What if there was too much color or pattern on the floor? What if I didn't like it? What if, what if, what if, was all that I could think about whenever I thought about the rug. Finally, I realized that 1) I'm not marrying the rug. 2) If I don't like it, I can always return or sell it. 3) I don't have to commit to this rug. 4) It's going to be ok! and 5) Nester Smith and all her blog posts on not being fearful of making a decorating mistake. So I waited until UPS delivered and guess what? We love our new rug! Both my hubby and I do. We both think that it's a perfect fit for our living room. I snapped this picture right before I put the new rug down ~

That rug on the floor was just a stand-in for a couple of weeks. Do you remember when I showed a picture of the new pillows in the front room? Well before I moved things around that sea grass rug was in here and this rug was in the other room. 

But, to keep things in real life, we did have this rug in here for a few weeks. It makes us even more thankful to have our big, new, and pretty rug.

We got a 100% wool, flatweave rug from during their 50% off sale that's still going on. She makes the room feel bigger, more connected, and cozy. 

Getting a new rug makes me want to change out the pillows and curtains, ha! That's the fun thing in decorating, you never feel like you're 100% done. So tell me, do you give personalities to your furniture or, in this case, a rug? Or is it just me?

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