Front Porch and Yard Tour

I thought that I would do a before and after picture tour of the first house before moving on to the new house. You know, because we've been doing renovations on it since 2009 and that was before I started blogging! This may take a couple of blog posts, but it'll get done and then I'll start showing pictures of the new house. 

This is what the front looked like when we bought it. Overgrown tree and shrubs taking over the yard as well as front flower beds full of rocks and weeds.

After 4 years of work, it finally looked like this. We trimmed the tree back, took out the shrubs and fence, replaced the windows, added landscaping, painted the front door bright red, painted the house numbers and mailbox, and replaced the porch light.

A before picture of the front porch. 

And after ~

To see more of the front porch, go here and here. Come back and see the entire house

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