Bathroom Design Plan

As of yet, nothing has been painted in the new house. Now that we've been here 2.5 months, I'm just itching to paint something! They say that it really starts to feel like your house vs. another persons house after you paint. This is a theory that I want to prove this coming week and no better way to start than my daughter's bathroom. Here is a design plan that I'll be working off of 

This is what the bathroom looked like before we moved in and still looks like that minus the former owners things. The bathroom is currently cream and tan so it's a blank slate waiting for some color. 

The only thing I've done in here since moving in is to remove the sliding shower doors and replace them with a white shower curtain. Just doing that really opened up the room and gave it an updated look. I'm not sure if I'll repaint the walls a lighter sandy cream color or leave them as-is. But I will be painting the vanity cabinet a pink color and bringing in some more color with the bath mat and accessories. I can't wait to get started! More updates as they happen in the next couple of weeks. 

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