Design Plan for Living Room

I've been working on some plans for the living room and it has been quite the undertaking! I was wanting to add in a floral design since I already have a geometric pattern in the rug but had such a time finding something that coordinated together. Mostly because I could never find any curtains (or fabric for curtains) that I just loved. I wanted something that wasn't too trendy or old-ladyish, but at the same time traditional and timeless. Not to mention something that I would be second guessing myself on or wanting to change in 3 months. That's a lot of requirements for some curtains! I was considering moving the rug to a different room and just starting over, but something made me keep looking. And I'm so glad that I did, because today as I was pursing around the internet, I came across The fabric. It's going to look perfect and goes so well with the direction I'm wanting to go in. 

I already have some of the things like the coffee table, antique dresser, lamps, and rug so really I just need to do some painting and bring in some art, accessories, pillows, and of course to fabric to make some curtains. Now, I don't currently have the sectional or the arm chairs but they are already on the need-to-buy list. One day we'll get them, but until then, I'll just concentrate on getting the rest of the room together. So there it is, my design plan for my living room. I can't wait to get started since it'll take several months to pull together and collected rooms don't happen overnight! But I'll be sure to update as I go along. 

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