Bar Cart in the Living Room

Bar carts, they are all the rage right now. Target came out with a cute and affordable bar cart a few months ago. I wanted one, but am too cheap to pay $130 for one. So what did I do? Nope, I didn't DIY one or find one secondhand, I simply waited. Why? 2 reasons really  1) to see if I still wanted one after leaving the store and 2) I know that Target has awesome clearance prices. This past weekend, I went to Target and guess what they had? The bar cart that I was still wanting and it was marked 50% off!! I snatched that thing up was fast as I could and wheeled it around the store than out the door.  I'm sure I looked like a crazy person wheeling a bar cart around. Ha! Once home I had the perfect corner to put it in.

Yep! Into my living room it went. Here's what the space looked like before 

Not too terribly bad, but not that great either. I feel like the bar cart filled up the space better than the small end table. I love the wheels and the gold on the cart. 

As for what I put on it, well I shopped the house. On the top I put the lamp, same stack of books and picture frame that were on the previous table. I added in a small plant, and a long picture to fill out the space in the back.

On the bottom I put a stack of magazines with a glass bowl of lemons/limes for color, and 2 glass bottles since it is a bar cart after all! I stuck the sand dollar in the back one for a touch of whimsey. 

When I first got it home, I was concerned about what to put on it since we don't drink and I don't have any liquor in my house. But after looking on Pinterest for inspiration, I decided that it doesn't matter in the end what you put on it. All that matters is that you love what you bring into your home and style it anyway you choose to do. So here's my take on using something the non-conventional way. And you know what? It's freeing! 

So, what have you done that is considered against "the rules"? 

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