How to Make a Simple Valentine Wreath

Y'all, I'm all about cute and easy DIY's that I can do in about 1 hour. With Valentines day coming up I  wanted to do something that used things I already had in my craft supplies. Enter this simple wreath. It didn't take me very long to put it together and I used fabric either from my fabric stash or the scrap bin. Super quick and easy to do. 

Here's what you'll need: 

:: Wreath Form ::
:: 1/2 Yard of Fabric ::
:: Glue Gun ::
:: Extra Glue Sticks ::
:: Scrap Fabric for flowers ::
:: Ribbon ::

I started with a basic straw wreath that I picked up at Goodwill for .99. I didn't even take the plastic off of it since I knew that I was going to wrap the fabric around it. Plus, if the plastic did come off it would make a huge mess (been there, done that)! I had been saving the turquoise fabric for a little while now so I was happy to find a use for it.

You want to begin by cutting the fabric into 2 1/2 - 3 inch strips. Depending on the size of your wreath and width of your strips, you'll need about 5-7 strips. I used 5 for my wreath.

Next, take each strip and wrap it around the wreath. Pull it tight so that there isn't any extra fabric bunching up. Put a little bit of hot glue every so often to hold it in place. 

Continue wrapping the wreath until the form is completely covered in fabric. When finished, it should look like mine. 

At this point, you can embellish however you want to. I added a bit of hot pink ribbon at the top and 3 fabric flowers on the side. Quick and easy!

To make the fabric flowers, cut about 8-9 circles out of fabric, making sure they are all the same size. 

Take each one and fold it in half, than half again. 

Snip the tip off and fold it in half once more. 

Place a dab of hot glue on the end then stick the end on a small piece of fabric. Repeat for the remaining circles. When glueing them in place, make sure the ends are all going the same way (outwards) and the placement is starting to form a circle. When you're done, it should look like these. Pretty and full.

Here is the wreath on my mantle. It's perfect for Valentines day! I put my diy topiaries on either side of the mantle along with a big, vintage frame that I already had on hand.

Since the wreath didn't take too long, I had a few extra mins to put together the flag banner. To make the banner, I cut out several triangles and sewed them to a long strand of hot pink ribbon. 

Simple, pretty, and festive! 

What have you been crafting lately? Getting ready for Valentines day yet? Don't forget to get the instructions so that you can make your own wreath for Valentine's day!

I've got a lot more craft ideas that you can make: like these tissue paper tassels, the diy topiaries, and much more! Be sure to check it out.

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  1. This is so stinkin cute!! Loving your personalized pictures btw ;)


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