Organizing My Daughter's Clothes

Now that the cold weather has finally left for good, it was high time to move the winter things out of my daughter's dresser and closet. Here's what I started with - my daughter has a long, 6 drawer dresser. In the middle, one drawer holds bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts, leggings) while the other has shirts.

What a mess! Since the weather warmed up, she wasn't wearing any of the pants. Everything got buried or shuffled around, and I could never find what I needed in a timely manner.  In her shirt drawer, things were better but the long sleeved shirts got in the way, not to mention that they weren't being used. 

For the two top drawers, one holds all the pajamas and the other is for socks, underwear, and bathing suits.

The bottom drawers hold shoes and the next size clothes. Here the shoes are all a jumbled up mess.

Here are the shorts and skirts after I took out what wasn't needed. Now everything has room to breathe and I can actually see what's in there. 

The same with the shirts. I can also clearly see what is lacking so the next time I'm shopping I know what she needs and doesn't need.

After I moved out the fleece pajamas, this was all that was left. Only 2 sets of pajamas - oops! this girl obviously needs a couple more. That's another good reason to move things around from time to time - to weed out what no longer fits, is in use, too small, or stained while also giving you a better idea of what clothing/shoes the child needs. No unnecessary random purchases happening here! 

I moved out last years swimsuits, beach hats, and purged tights that were too small. I found the containers years ago at the dollar store and they've come in handy a number of times. The big container holds socks while the smaller one holds combs, hairbrush, fingernail clippers, and a couple other items.

Now for the shoe drawer. I moved out a pair that were too small then vacuumed the dirt. I really like having her shoes in this low drawer since my little one can take her shoes off, put them away without any help from me, and they all stay together in one place. 

Dresses and lightweight jackets live in the closet with the large majority of the toys. I keep the closet pretty clean and my daughter knows how to put her toys away correctly so the closet stays this way. The cube bin is something that I love! It was a Sams Club find last year. Those things are pretty versatile, and for now, it resides in my daughters closet keeping all her toys organized. The bins are very easy to pull out and she knows what toys are in each bin.

Above the bins hang dresses and lightweight jackets. Than above that is a mess, things that I put up there to store away in the attic at a later time. Well that time has finally come! Today is the day that I reclaimed the upper closet shelves. 

On each side of the closet are build in shelves. Whoever built this closet was a genius to add those shelves. I love them! Lower ones hold toys while the upper one holds extra sheets, the diaper bag, and way up high are dress-up clothes. Not a whole lot of dressing up going on if we can't get to them though. 

On the other side of the closet are more shelves with toys, and a few other odds and ends. 

Here is the closet after I cleaned, organized, and shuffled a few toys around.

I moved all the things off the upper shelves leaving only the pack-n-play. We use that quite often so it's nice to have it easily accessible. 

On the left side of the closet, I put the dress up clothes in a pink tub on the bottom shelf while everything else stayed the same. 

I moved a couple of the toys around on the shelves and really like this arrangement for now. The fabric bins stayed the same although I put one or two toys into the donation bag. 

Cleaning both spaces only took about 30-40 mins and I'm so glad to finally have this seasonal task done!

So now the questions are: Do you have any superstar ways of keeping dressers and closets clean? How do you organize your children's clothes? Any seasonal clothes swapping going on recently? How about keeping all the toys in the closet? Share away!

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