How to Create Pretty Statement Art Over the Sofa {from a Botanical Book}

How to create pretty statement art over the sofa {from a botanical book} @

Do you remember when I made this gallery wall above the sofa in the living room? That gallery wall was only intended to be a short-term solution. It was a placeholder and something to put up on the wall until I had the time and money to focus on decorating the living room. Well, the time finally came to replace the gallery wall with something much bigger and much better. This time, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted artwork that looked more streamlined and more substantial, not mis-matched and cluttered looking. It needed to be tall to add balance to that side of the room. It also needed to be big while at the same time budget friendly. That's quite a tall order!

I started looking around to get ideas and think about what I wanted to hang on the wall above the sofa. The problem is that what I wanted was expensive (like these pretty prints). With that being the look that I was going for, now all I had to do was to recreate it on my low budget. I saw several times over where artwork was created using prints from a botanical book. So that is exactly what I did. I did this entire botanical wall for under $115! A huge statement wall of 20 botanical prints with frames for under $115? Yes please!

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Do you want to know how you can also do a botanical wall? Here's the step by step guide so that you too can also have a pretty botanical wall for your house. First, gather your supplies. These are the materials that I used - 

materials needed for a botanical gallery wall @

I looked through the book , found the botanical prints that I wanted to use, and then cut them out. I cut the poster board down to size as well. Then I cleaned the glass inside each frame really well. I put everything on the floor and moved the prints around to arrange them in a way that I liked. Lastly, I put everything together using some photo mounting squares and put them into the picture frames.

I used 20 prints in all to really make a statement. I hung them up in a simple grid pattern (quick tip when hanging pictures – use 2 nails at the corners to keep them from moving around) and moved everything in place. Done!

pretty botanical prints over the sofa in the living room @

They turned out perfectly! I love them! It was exactly what I needed and was wanting. The prints all flow well together because they all use the same color pallet while the black frames tie everything together. It really is a grand statement on the wall and brings a much more refined, polished overall look and feel to the living room. Because it’s so big and tall all together, the botanical prints also bring much-needed balance to that side of the living room.

20 statement making botanical prints hung in a grid in the living room @

favorite botanical prints from the statement making art wall @

So that’s the how-to on creating a statement wall without breaking the bank using botanical book pages. If you need something to go above your sofa, think about doing something like this. If you have, let me know what you’ve done in the comments below!

20 pretty botanical prints from a botanical book framed and hung in a statement making way over the sofa @

Have you ever created a gallery wall using prints from a book? Want to see more decorating tips and tricks? Or need more inspiration on creatingthe perfect gallery wall? What has been your most recent look for less?

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