My New Gallery Wall

I've been wanting to do a gallery wall over the sofa for the last 13 months. Whenever I went shopping, I kept looking around for different things but could never find what I was looking for so the wall sat empty for over a year. I made a few new pillows and that inspired me to do something about that empty space. They say the first nail is the hardest and the scariest - that was defiantly true for me!

Here's about what it looked like for the last 13 months. Side note - I cannot believe we've already been in this house past the 1 year mark! Time really does fly by way too fast. 

I shopped my house to put the wall together. I gathered a mirror and several random frames from around the house. I arranged a layout on the floor to give me an idea of how things would look. Then I started hammering nails into the wall and changed things up as I went along.

Finished! and I love it. The living room feels so much cozier. I painted a couple of the frames white, printed off a couple printables, and although I cannot draw or paint, I painted a couple of things to fill some extra frames. Where there's a will, there's a way. 

This wall cost me $0 but really makes the space. I think that when you can't buy something, it really forces you to get creative with what you have. The whole inspiration for the wall is the pretty floral pillows. I love to change up my pillows and usually sew my own.

A few detail shots ~ Decorative balls in a silver bowl, lemons and limes in an antique glass bowl. 

Thrifted brass tray. Honeycomb print is from here

I'm sure that this wall will continue to evolve in the months to come, but I'm very happy with how it stands today. Hopefully, this inspires you that no matter the budget - big or small - you can make your home beautiful with what you have. 

Needing some artwork ideas of your own? Check out this post and this one and my pinterest board for more inspiration. 


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