Christmas Favorites At Target

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Since it is officially past Thanksgiving, it is now time to start the Christmas decorating and turn on the Christmas music! I am about 95% done with my decorating and only have a couple of things left to do before calling it done for the Christmas season! Have you started yours yet? 

If you are looking to brighten up your Christmas decorations with a couple of things that take a look at Target. Target is one of my go-to stores for seasonal decorating. (Like with my fall Target decorating picks) I was just in there last week and y'all, they have so many cute holiday decor items! I was oohing and awing my whole way through the store. I ended up with this trio of bottlebrush trees, a paper Joy wreath, and a couple of other cute things from the dollar one spot.

I've got my eye on the white ceramic candle houses in the dollar one spot, pretty wrapping supplies, these cute appetizer plates, and this nativity set! I may just have to go back and get a few more things! What about you?

If you are just now starting to get everything together for Christmas and are looking for some ways to get organized, look no further than right here. Did you know that you can get completely ready for the holidays in just 15 days? It is never not too late to get yourself organized and ready for this Christmas season! Try out the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas challenge and download the free Christmas planner. I've been using the planner this season and it has been wonderful to have everything all together in one place for Christmas!

Be on the lookout for some holiday decorating posts coming up! In the meantime, have you started or finished your Christmas decorating or shopping yet? What are some of your favorite stores to shop at for Christmas decorations? Did you survive black friday shopping? I've been shopping online this year and it has been wonderful! If you want or need some gift ideas, I've got you covered right here!

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