Christmas Countdown Calendar

Today is December 1st! It means that we are officially starting the countdown to Christmas. I can't really believe it myself. Christmas is in 24 days. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I've gotten a really great start on my shopping but not quite done yet. I'm also just about done with my Christmas decorating. Have you seen all the cute things that Target has for Christmas

One thing that I like to do each year is to create a simple advent calendar that countdowns the days until Christmas. I've done this different ways each year. This year I am using a simple calendar that has pockets and I'm going to put a piece of candy in each pocket. My little one can take out a piece each morning. It's a pretty simple way to get everyone excited and in the holiday spirit.

In case that you are looking for a way to countdown to Christmas, than look no further! I designed 4 different types of countdown calendars for you to download. One with gold and white, a simple one with black numbers, a pretty wreath with numbers, and Christmas trees with gold stars. 

All you need to do is to download the printable, print it off, and hang it up. You could hang up a different ornament on each day or give out a pieces of Christmas candy. Another idea is to take a small Christmas wreath and attach candy canes to each numbered day than put them on the wreath.

How is your Christmas decorating going? Are you almost done or have you even started yet? I am *this close* to finishing my Christmas decor. Did you download the Christmas planner yet? I've been using it and it has been so helpful in keeping me organized and on budget this holiday season. There is still time to join in the 15 days to an organized Christmas! Go here for all the details. 

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays? Do you have any special traditions? Download the printables and set them up today to get your countdown to Christmas started! I've got some more Christmas decorating posts coming up so be on the lookout for those!

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