Decorating The Mantel for Christmas

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I love to decorate my fireplace and mantel for Christmas. There is something about having a pretty focal point in your living room that says "complete". My Christmas decorating is never finished without hanging up the stockings and doing something, even just a simple something, to the mantel. 

For you today, I've rounded up several ideas that you can use to decorate your mantel. My ideas here are neutral but you can totally change up the entire look by swapping out the black and white buffalo check ribbon with another ribbon, sticking red berry picks in the garland, and adding in more color through decorative objects. I also suggest picking 2-4 colors to use throughout your entire display.

Christmas 2011

I love to start with a green garland with lights, stick fresh Christmas tree clippings in to bulk it up, put more lights on, stick in red berry picks, pinecones, and gold, glitter swirls. The stockings get hung with simple silver stocking holders on either side. Then I put more decorative objects on either side of the wreath - pillar candles on pretty candle sticks, lanterns with candles, Christmas trees, vases full of red and silver ornaments, or a pretty art print. The centerpiece of the entire display is the wreath. This magnolia wreath is gorgeous! I love, love, love it!

Christmas 2015

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1. This magnolia wreath is the centerpiece of this show! Tie the black and white buffalo check ribbon around it and hang it up as is. This nice, quality wreath will last you years and years and you'll be able to use it all year round. I also love the coloring in this magnolia wreath as well.

2. Pretty Stockings. I love these white stockings and the ones I also really like are the Pottery Barn Kids stockings! I've gotten one of mine monogramed (still need to monogram the other one!) and they've held up very well over the years.

3. Pretty garland with lights and pinecones. I love that this garland already has everything attached to it! And there is less work to do each year. I also love this matching wreath and garland.

4. Black and white buffalo check ribbon to hang on the wreath and to wrap presents with. 

5. Mercury glass candle holders with these white pillar candles. Nothing says Christmas quite like mercury glass and candlelight. These candlesticks are at a really good price!

6. A basket for cozy blankets or firewood

7. This cute gold reindeer. I first showed this little guy in my Christmas Favorites at Target and now he's showing up again in the mantel decorating! I think this gold reindeer would be very versatile in a number of ways throughout your decorating. Here, I would pair him with the trio of trees on top of the mantel. 

8. Silver plated stocking holders. Growing up, we put nails into the mantelpiece to hang up our stockings. With stocking holders, you don't have to do that! I've had these pretty holders for a few years now and they've held up very well.  

9 & 10. A trio of Christmas trees. I love these ruffle and felt Christmas trees, they might be a good diy project to make! These wood washed Christmas trees are also very pretty and come in small/med/large sizes. These are also very pretty. 

For more Christmas goodness, don't forget to check out my favorite Christmas decor finds at Target, download the advent calendar and the free Christmas planner. You can also see my Christmas gift guides right here. You can also get tons of more holiday decorating ideas on my Christmas Pinterest board. Make sure to subscribe to my email list to get more Christmas decor inspiration right in your inbox!

How do you like to decorate your Christmas mantel? Are you more traditional with your colors? Do you stick with the same thing each year? Have you started or finished your Christmas decorating yet?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my disclosures here

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