Get Organized for Christmas by Thinking About Your Gift List

But before we get to talking about gifts, I want to ask you a question. How are you feeling right now about the holidays? Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed or a bit more relaxed knowing that you've got a plan in place? Hopefully you are feeling less stressed and overwhelmed because you have things written down. I know I am! It's an awesome feeling to have, isn't it?

Today we are talking all about the gift-giving side of Christmas! Hooray! Y'all, if there is one thing I like to do it is shop! Let me rephrase that, I love to shop with the budget in mind!  Now some of you may be like me and like to shop and some of you may be just the opposite. There is no way that you are stepping foot into a store unless you really, really need too. Which one do you tend to be?

I am also going to share with you my top tip for Christmas shopping to avoiding the long lines at the store along with all the crowds of grumpy shoppers while saving money at the same time. Are you ready for it? Online shopping. Oh yes! I love to shop online at this time of year! Shopping online during the holidays saves me time and money. Gifts ship free to me and I never have to leave my house! I can also shop anytime of the day and can see exactly how much the items are so that I do not overspend. Amazon is my favorite with their free 2 day shipping for prime members. Target is also having free shipping now until Christmas as are many other stores. How amazing is that?! Online shopping is one of my favorite time and money saving tips to use during the holidays!

Even though I like to shop, I can still have a brain-freeze when it comes time to making the decision of exactly what to buy for someone. I like to have someone that I can bounce ideas off of. Some people are also easier to buy for than others (like my mom) and others (sorry hubby!) tend to be harder. I'm sure that you can totally relate. 

Today, you are going to brainstorm and come up with different gifts to buy for the people on your list. On page 7 of the Christmas planner, the worksheet is titled "Gift Ideas". Get that page out because today we are filling it out. This is also a great time to print off extra copies of that page if you need too! You can also fill in the "gift" section of the "Gift List" page that we worked on yesterday. 

Write down a gift idea for the people on your "Gift List" page. On the "Gift Ideas" page, write in the person's name that you are buying multiple gifts for. Keep in mind how much you've budgeted them for. Next, pencil in different ideas that you have. Think about each individual person. What age are they? Do they have a hobby or sport they are into? Are you going to make a homemade gift or buy something? How they already mentioned something that they would like to have?

Think about these questions for each person, but don't spend too much time on any one individual. Remember, you are just brainstorming gift ideas right now. 

Today's Assignment

Brainstorm and write down a list of different gifts that you want to give the people on your gift list. 
Make a list of the stores/websites that you can buy those at. See if there is anything that you can buy online and get free shipping.

How are you doing with this challenge so far? What has been your biggest struggle so far? Come back tomorrow for another day of 15 Days to an Organized Christmas!

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