A Birthday Tea Party

We just celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe that she is 5! There is a special something about the 5th birthday, don't you think? It's like your baby is now stepping into the next stage of childhood. And I better stop there or else I'll start to get all teary-eyed! 

We decided to celebrate this 5th birthday with a tea party and invited just a few friends. We wanted to keep it small and intimate with it being a tea party and all. And the most important part - girls only!  

The color palette/tone of the party was delicate, feminine, florals, and pink. I didn't do too much decorating, but rather focused on setting a beautiful tea table in the dining room. I also hung up a happy birthday banner in the living room and a heart garland on the french doors. I really tried to keep this party simple!

I laid a white table cloth down first than placed a floral wrapping paper runner (old from Target) down in the middle of the table to add some color, impact, and interest. I then placed candlesticks around the cake centerpiece. Each place setting got fancy silver flatware, a tea cup, and a glass plate.

I have collected mis-matched tea cups and saucers, silver flatware, antique bowls and platters, and delicate table linens since I was a teenager. I have a pretty big collection of pretty things that we pulled out to set a gorgeous tea table with. I loved pulling everything out for my special birthday girl!

Setting the tea table up in the dining room made this event feel extra special!

When all our party guests arrived, we went into the kitchen for our craft - A tea party hat! I had pre-made the hats with paper plates and bowls and then tied some ribbon on them. The girls colored the hats and the moms helped to hot glue flowers onto the hats. I have to say that this craft was awesome! All the girls LOVED it! They all wore their hats into the tea room and were so cute!

For the food, I served mini sugar cookies from Walmart (they are my favorite!), goldfish, fresh strawberries, cake (from Walmart), heart shaped strawberry jelly sandwiches, tea, lemonade, cream, and sugar cubes. Since this was a afternoon tea party, we didn't need much. But there were plenty of yummy treats to go around!

Over on the buffet, I set out punch glasses and lemonade for those who didn't want hot tea, and 2 different kinds of tea. I made Lady Gray and Rose tea. Lady Gray is one of my favorite teas! 

All the party guests showed up in their pretty dresses and made sure to use their good manners. It was so sweet to hear them carry on their tea party conversations. Everyone had a fun time drinking tea, with their sugar cubes of course!

After the girls were done with eating sweets and drinking tea, they went into the living room to play a game and open presents. Then we sang Happy Birthday and cut the yummy cake. 

Afterwards, the girl went back to the living room where they played with baby dolls, the dollhouse, and our new teepee. It was a pretty low key event and the girls had a great time just playing together!

We gave out party favor bags when our party guests were leaving. I had stickers, jewelry, a fancy straw, and candy in each of the bags. The girls also took home the hats we had made. 

Each of us had so much fun. And my birthday girl had such a happy day being the center of attention for her special day!

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