21 Practical Organizing Solutions Around The House

I don't know about you, but January is typically the month that I've got several organizing projects going on! I organize the children's toys, clean out some closets, and find new storage solutions to problem areas that we have. I also like to go throughout my home purging, organizing, and reassessing every nook and cranny. Does this sound familiar?

Today, I wanted to give you a peek into 21 different organizing solutions that I have around my house. I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you some nitty-gritty organizing systems that I love and use on a daily basis. These are systems that my family and I rely on to keep every single thing in it's place, so that I can find things at a moments notice, and so that we don't have piles of stuff cluttering up areas of our home. Oh, I know that 21 different ways to organize is a lot to keep track of, so if you want a cheatsheet, than you can download that right here!

Ready to see which 21 practical organizing solutions I love and use? Let's dive right in!

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1| Nightstand Drawer Valet Tray Organizer
I have a big divider tray (similar) that I picked up at TJ Maxx a couple years ago. The smaller, divided compartments are perfect for keeping me organized! I place my phone chargers and headphones in a spot, pins/pencils in another compartment, rechargeable chargers in the back compartment, and a couple other nighttime neccessitys in the 4th compartment. I love that it contains everything that I need, actually use, and limits me as to what goes into that drawer.

2 | Cord Keepers for Phone Chargers and Headphones
I made several fabric cord keepers last year and I love them! They have been perfect for keeping all my cords from getting tangled up in a pile of jumbled cords. They were an easy, simple sewing project and I use them on a daily basis.

3 | Ceramic Egg Crate and Pretty Bowls for Jewelry
A little while back I shared how I store all of my jewelry, but I had to mention it again! I love using a white ceramic egg crate  for holding earrings and pretty bowls for several of my bracelets. Its perfect for grab and go and I love having everything displayed on my dresser!

4 | Hanging Hook Rack for Belts and Ties in the Closet
When I organized my closet a couple years ago, I used 2 sets of hooks that are for hanging ties and belts. Y'all, I love them! They have been the perfect solution to keep belts, ties, and scarves off of the floor, out of a drawer, or rolled up stuffed somewhere. 

5 | Dancewear All Together in a Basket in the Closet
I love using baskets and bins in organizing whenever possible! My oldest daughter is in dance each week and we were always trying to locate some apparel when trying to get out the door. Once I gathered up all the dancewear and placed it all together in a basket, the problem was solved! No more lost time was spent looking for tights or leotards. Now that everything is all together in a basket on a shelf in the closet, it makes it so much easier to get her out the door on time! And everyone knows exactly where everything dance is kept.

6 | Baskets to Store Hats, Gloves, and Scarves
I have solved the problem for lost gloves with this simple system! At least for now that is! In our coat closet, I placed 4 matching bins for each of us - 1 for my husband, 1 for my girls to share, and 1 for my scarves, and 1 for my hats and gloves. Since they are directly above our coats, we can easily take out whatever cold weather thing we need at that moment. The bins also make it easy for putting things away. When the coat gets hung up its so easy to put gloves back in their correct bin.

7 | Shoes in Bins in the Laundry Room
I don't have a mudroom in my house so I had to make up a small one in my laundry room to solve the "shoes are always on the floor by the garage door" problem. I used this cube system from Target (similar) and it has been a really good solution to the problem. My daughter gets a small bin, I have a small bin, and my husband gets a large bin at the bottom. Boots go into the closet while smaller shoes go into the bins. Since we keep most of our shoes and boots in our closets, we only needed a small organizational system by the door. Do I still have shoes by the garage door? Yes, but at least now it is kept under control!

8 | Hooks in the Cleaning Closet for Brooms, Mops, and the Feather Duster
I have an awesome closet in my laundry room for keeping all the household supplies in. But, things can quickly get out of control in there if you aren't careful! To keep all of the brooms, mops, and dusters up off the floor I installed a small hook rack on the wall. It has never been easier to locate what household tool I need and then to return it to its home afterwards! 

9 | Cleaning Caddy for All My Cleaning Supplies
Also in the cleaning closet, I keep my most common cleaning supplies all together in large cleaning caddy. It stays on the top shelf and I pull it out when I need something. When I am cleaning the bathrooms or kitchen, I can take the entire caddy with me and have everything that I need.

10 | Divided Jewlery Containers for the Junk Drawer
I do not have a designated junk drawer in my house. There, I said it! I don't have a junk drawer. I really do think junk drawers happen because we don't know where items belong. I used to keep all of my screws, nails, batteries, hardware, furniture pads, and everything else in individual sandwich bags in a basket. Then, when I organized that area, I knew I needed a better system for keeping all of those bits and pieces separate. I found these awesome jewelry storage box containers and they have been perfect for me! I have four of them and they are filled with nails, screws, batteries, and all the other small things that are usually found in a junk drawer.

11 | An Old Dresser for Most of My Home Decor Items
I found an old dresser by the side of the road and that is where I keep all my extra candles, picture frames, vase fillers, and small random decor items. Most of my decor is being used throughout my home, but I still need some space for storing a handful of things that I want to keep when not in use at the moment. The dresser stays in my living room and is a great piece to have on hand! It's really nice to have all of my extra decor items all in one place vs. scattered around the house. It's like shopping in my own home decor store.

12 | Basket for Storing Diapers and Wipes on Top of the Dresser
I've always stored my babies diapers and wipes on top of dresser in a pretty seagrass basket! They don't take up valuable dresser drawer space and are within easy reach. The basket is also pretty to look at and see on a daily basis.

13 | Canvas Boxes and Cube System for Toys
I've shared a few times how I organize my kids toys in their closets. I wouldn't be able to keep the closets so neat all the time if it were not for this cube system. This cube system has been such a work horse in my house for several years and I love it!

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14 | Accordion File Folder for Organizing Receipts
This is how I organize and store my receipts: I use a basic accordion file folder, labeled with the months. Than, when I have new receipts, I place them into the correct month. It is so easy to find an old receipt whenever I need one! I also use a similar method for all my coupons.

15 | 3 Ring Binder for Organizing Recipes and Meal Plans
Last year, I finally organized my receipts in a 3 ring binder with dividers and page protectors. One year later, that system is still working perfectly for me. I can easily find what I'm looking for. So basic and simple, yet it's been extremely effective in keeping all my meal plans, cut out recipes from magazines, and other meal-related papers organized.

16 | Clear Plastic Containers in the Pantry
When I first go married and set up my kitchen, I went to Walmart and bought 3 sets of clear plastic containers to keep all of my pantry staples in. I empty a bag's contents into the container and throw the old wrapping away. My pantry stays neat, organized, I can see when I'm getting low on a pantry staple, and it is uniformed in appearance.

17 | Pullout Drawers for School and Art Supplies
A couple years ago when we didn't have many art supplies, I found a good way to organize them out in the open. That system worked very well for us until I started homeschooling a preschooler. Y'all, the amount of art and craft supplies I have bought in the last 2 years is crazy! Especially last July when I was buying extra glue sticks, crayons, markers, construction paper, and so on. It took me only a couple of days to realize that we had indeed outgrown the other system and needed much more storage space. That's when I bought four of these pullout drawer systems and I love them! They work so well for our needs. I like that the fronts are frosted so that it keeps the contents hidden. It makes them more uniformed and tidy from the outside.

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18 | Tray Under the TV for Keeping All the Remotes Together
I have solved the missing remote problem in our household! I bought a slim tray with the sole intent of putting all 3 remotes inside it. And it works! The tray is pretty and is big enough for all our remotes and it goes along with my living room decor. No more eye-sores or lost remotes here!

19 | Pegboard and Hooks for All Outdoor Tools
This was one of those projects that didn't take very long to do, but it did take awhile to actually do it.  Before, all the outdoor tools lined the shed walls and were a mess on the shed floor. I bought several hooks for every single outdoor tool that we own and hung them up on the pegboard in the outdoor shed. Now, every single tool and extension cord has a spot. Also, because we use the walls and vertical storage, it has created so much more space in the shed and we can easily store everything that we need too. We aren't tripping over shovels or hoes and we can quickly find what we are looking for as soon as we open the shed door.

20 | Wire Basket Under the Kitchen Sink for Storing Dishwasher Detergent, Trash Bags, and Dish Soap
This is another simple system that I use in my kitchen. It solves the problem of what goes under the kitchen sink, items being tossed about, and I can find every single item without any extra effort on my part. I bought a correct sized wire basket, placed everything in it, and voila! I know exactly what I have and where it is. When you open that cabinet under the sink, there is no mess. Just a pretty wire basket happily holding dishwashing supplies and trash bags.

21 | Baskets for Storing Toilet Paper in the Bathrooms
A long time ago, I shared an easy way to maximize storage in the bathroom using baskets and I am still using that system today! In my bathroom, there is a pretty basket on the back of the toilet tank. In the half bath, guest can easily find the extra toilet paper looking in the glass cabinet where I've stashed a basket with extra rolls in it. Simple, yet extremely effective.

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Here are some trends and takeaways that I'm noticing within all these organizing systems.

  • I use a lot of baskets and bins
  • I like uniformity and things to match or coordinate whenever possible
  • Everything in the house has a specific purpose
  • I get creative when finding a new organizing solution
  • Simple and effective is my motto
  • Because I have systems in place, I can easily find whatever I need.

Hopefully one, two, or all of these 21 organizing solutions have inspired you to how you might better organize a space or two around your house. I made a list of all 21 organizing solutions for you to download if you want them all together in an easy to read format to save for later. You can get the free download right here.

What organizing solutions have you found to be useful around your house? Are you a basket and bin girl too? Is there one organizing system that you want me to go into greater detail about?

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my disclosures here


  1. Plastic containers in the pantry is brilliant! I love that these are so practical, because some people just get too complicated with organizing! Haha

    1. I love my plastic containers! I never have to worry about them being too heavy, chipping, or getting dropped! I agree that organizing should never be complicated. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are great! Definitely practical and most of them are low-cost (if you're smart at shopping) as well.

    1. Practical & low cost organization for the win! Hope you have an amazing day!


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