Cleaning Closet - DONE!

Remember Mondays post about the cleaning closet? Where I opened up a not-so-organized closet door and showed you behind the scenes spilling my catch-all little secret? I showed you how it looked like this ~

After taking everything out, getting rid of a few things, taking out what didn't belong, and painting the closet, I was left with this ~

Pretty much a blank slate. Since all the walls and shelfs were white, I wanted to add a little bit of color so I stamped coral dots all over the back wall for a fun pop of unexpected.

This was my first time stamping walls and overall it was pretty easy to do. It did take me a few stamps to get a good technique going though. I eyeballed the placement of the dots for my pattern. They aren't perfect, but I like the look of imperfect dots and once everything is back in the closet, you'll never tell the difference. I bought a sample pot of paint and hardly used any of it! So I've got plenty of paint left for something else. I used Valspar in Sweet Melon. It's the perfect shade of coral that I was looking for. 

Here is the finished closet with everything back in it! I just love the turquoise, coral, and white colors all together. I also like having everything in its proper place once again! I think the key to successful organization is to have a place for everything to go. That with putting things back where you got them will hopefully keep things nice and neat.

This is a little place where I hang my broom/dustpan, swiffer, reusable bags, and grocery bags. In a small space like this, I have to use vertical wall space so these little hooks work really well in here.

To make the labels I cut out rectangles from white cardstock, punched a hole in the middle, write the contents of the basket, then tied it on with a small piece of raffia. Simple and FREE!

When I first organized the closet, I purchased all the baskets from the Dollar Store. Since I needed 16 baskets, it cost me only $16! They work really well with my narrow shelves. I actually had all the baskets and bins that I need so the only thing I had to buy this time was a clear container. I love it when my little re-do's cost me next to nothing!

One final look at the refreshed cleaning closet. I'm so very glad to have this project done and off my to-do list!

So, what have you been painting this week? Any organization projects going on?

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