How to Make A Pom Pom Wreath

You know how you see something so pretty and you say to yourself "I could totally make that"? Well, that is just what happened to me when I saw a pretty Anthropologie inspired pom pom wreath! It's perfect for that farmhouse feel. 

I'm been wanting to make one for awhile now, and when I finally bought the supplies, sat down, and make it it was so easy that I couldn't believe that I hadn't made pom poms before! Now I want to add pom poms to all the things! 

I started with my wreath inspiration that I found on Pinterest. The concept is easy enough - make a ton of pom poms, glue them on a wreath form, and that's it! Easy peasy!

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:: Supplies Needed ::

4-5 skeins of Yarn

After everything is assembled, start by wrapping yarn tightly around one end of the pom pom makers. I used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in natural color. Wrap it around a few times, than push it down, and do that over and over until that side of the pom pom maker is completely wrapped. 

Once it is completely wrapped, it will look like this. Side note, I simply LOVE these pom pom makers! This was my 1st time using them and I am hooked! I can't believe that I didn't know about these things before. If you haven't tried a pom pom maker, do it!

So, once the 1st side is wrapped, close it. Open the other side and wrap that the exact same way that you wrapped the 1st side. After you are done, use one of the the little openings to hold the yarn tail. Than snip the yarn leaving just a small tail behind. 

Than, take your scissors and snip all of the yarn straight down the middle. Do one side and then the other.

After you have cut both sides, it will look just mine below. Side note, I use these Ginger scissors and I love them! I've had them for several years and they are in perfect condition still! And very, very sharp. Buy them if you want a great pair of sewing scissors!

Next, cut a small piece of yarn to wrap around the middle of the entire pom pom maker. You want to tie it tightly, as tight as you can. Take the pom pom maker off of the yarn as you are tying the yarn string. 

Fluff the yarn and trim any longer pieces of yarn. And that's it! You now have a perfect pom pom!

Repeat the process until you have a whole pile of pretty yarn balls. I have about 50 or so balls. You can make these while you watch a movie to help pass the time. 

After you have all the pom poms ready to go, it's time to get your wreath form ready. I used a straw wreath that I already had in my craft closet. I wrapped long strips of white fabric around the straw, hot gluing the fabric in place from time to time.

To assemble the wreath, just start hot gluing the pom poms on there in no particular order. Make sure they are sitting tightly together, but don't worry too much about gaps right now. 

Keep hot gluing and hot gluing, working around the wreath from one side to another. After all the pom poms have been glued around the entire wreath form, go back and add pom poms here and there in any spots that might need one. 

Tie a wide ribbon on the top and you are done! Hang it up and admire your hard work. I just love the texture that this wreath has! 

It's so pretty and fluffy. Like a warm blanket on a chilly Spring day. I want to make a pom pom garland now to hang on my mantle for Easter! Than I want to add pom poms to my pillows and throw blankets. Let's add them everywhere!

Just one more look because she's so pretty and round and perfect! I've made up a pretty pdf that you can print off to have the instructions right at your fingertips so that you too can make your own pom pom wreath. You can download and print it off right here

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Are you crazy for pom poms like I am? What have you been doing to get your home ready for Spring? Be sure to check out lots of easy crafts and cleaning tips right here!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my disclosures here

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