Top Baby List

Here are my top 9 items that I think are a necessity in those early days for any baby -  

  1. Aden and Anais swaddling blankets are the best swaddling blankets!They are soft and big enough that one can tightly wrap a squirmy baby in them without sweet baby breaking out. 
  2. This jogger travel system is wonderful. I only wanted 1 stroller and this one fit the bill! It's so easy to fold down and open up. I debated between getting an infant carrier or the convertible car seat and ended up with this one because of the snap in and out feature. In those early months, it is so convenient to snap into the stroller or take the entire seat out of the car when your baby has fallen asleep. I'll miss this once we upgrade to the bigger car seat.
  3. A video monitor is well worth the money investment. It is so helpful to see your baby and to know if you should or shouldn't go in to check on them while in the crib. The only thing that I don't like about this particular monitor is the short range. But everything else is great!
  4. If you are breastfeeding than a good pump is essential to have on hand!!! Medela makes a fantastic product and their customer service is wonderful. I can't say enough nice things about that company. Even though I nursed my baby exclusively, I still needed to pump here and there. I have the Medela Swing, but there were times that I wished I had a double pump to make things go faster.
  5. This bouncer was so nice to have. It was the only bouncer I found that was able to fold up compactly for storage. I opted to only get a bouncer vs. a swing in order to save on baby gear, space, storage, ect. Later on someone did give me a travel sized swing, but this bouncer was usually my go-to item.
  6. This activity play mat was our very favorite thing!!! My baby loved it and even though she's too big for it now, she still plays with the toys since all of them are detachable. 
  7. changing mat is pretty much essential for any baby to ward off any germs while out and about. I like this one because it holds wipes and several diapers inside while you can put other stuff in the outside zippered pouch. With this, I don't even have to take my entire diaper bag into the restroom to change the baby just this. I also have had to change my baby in the backseat of the car many times while traveling and with this big changing mat I never have to worry about getting anything on the seat.  (Nice, right?)
  8. My baby has always liked to hold onto something while she sleeps. Unfortunately blankets are a huge suffocation hazard and can cause SIDS. So I found these little blanket squares for her to hold. It has been the perfect solution for us and comes in a pack of 2 so that one can be in the wash while the other is in use!
  9. Burp cloths are a must for any baby and I found that I liked to use these the best. Cloth diapers are super absorbent plus you can embellish them with fabric or ribbon however you want. 
I hope this list helps out any new mom in deciding what to get for the baby. 

Disclaimer: None of these companies have paid or perked me to recommend any of these products. They are just things I loved when I had a newborn.

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