Crafts to Make for the Christmas Season

Hello there and welcome back to day 7 of our 15 Days to an Organized Christmas! At this point, we have gotten ready for Christmas by having all of our thoughts complied into the Christmas planner (get your free planner right here if you still need to!) and know exactly where everything is concerning Christmas. You have the month of December planned out along with a master to-do list. You know what your Christmas budget is and how much you can spend on each person, you have a Christmas gift ideas list going, you've decided if you are sending out Christmas cards and when it'll happen, and you have a written list of what Christmas traditions and activities that you are going to partake in this Christmas season as well. Things are looking pretty good! You have a plan in place and and will know exactly what to do and when you are supposed to do it! If you've missed a day in this 15 day series, than you can get caught up right here.

I know I keep asking you this, but how are you feeling right now at this point in the challenge? If you would, comment down below or send me a quick email letting me know if this is helping you to get ready for Christmas.

So many times, I have good intentions of doing this or that but 1. either forget to do it or 2. there is no enough time to do everything. I think that the best way to combat both of these things is to think about what I need or want to do before it needs to happen and work backwards in the planning. Planning is all about giving yourself enough time to accomplish a task. If I give myself enough time to do a bigger task bit by bit over the course of several days, than I can do pretty much anything and not run out of time or be stressed about it. Can you relate?

Today we are going to talk about crafts and will be working on the "crafts to make" worksheet in the Christmas planner so get that out. Take a quick look at the gift list you compiled on day 3. Is there anything on there that you wanted to make?  Write that down on the crafts worksheet. Now, think about Christmas itself, are there any Christmas tree ornaments, decorations, or anything else that you wanted to make? Look back at the Christmas traditions & activities that you filled out yesterday, is there anything that you want to make? Now is the time to write all of those things down in your planner.

It's also important to make sure that you write down where the craft idea is at! That way you don't spend time looking for the where you found the idea at. Notate the quantity/size and jot down any notes that you have about the item. If you need any supplies for any of the crafts, take a minuet to write those down as well. You can use the "Christmas shopping" or  "Christmas shopping List" pages of the Christmas planner.

If you want some specific crafting ideas of some things that you can make, I suggest looking on Pinterest. I have some Christmas ideas on my Christmas pinterest board, and some really good crafts to make on my crafting board, crafty things to makefelt food & craft ideas, sewing board, children's sewing ideasbaby sewing ideas, and gift ideas boards.

Today's Assignment

Take a few minuets to decide what crafts you are going to make this holiday season. Give yourself enough time to complete all of them by starting early. Write each craft item down and notate what supplies you are going to need.

Come back tomorrow for day 8 of the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas! It's going to be a yummy one. (Hint, hint!) And remember to tell me know this challenge is going for you. Are you finding this series to be helpful to you in getting ready for the upcoming holidays?

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