Make a Plan to Decorate the House for Christmas

Welcome back to day 11 of 15 Days to an Organized Christmas. We have been taking 15 days to talk about all things related to Christmas and what we can do now to start getting ready for the upcoming holidays. You have taken 15 minuets each day to do a small task like deciding on a Christmas spending budget or writing out what crafts you are making this year. To help keep you all organized, I made a Christmas planner that you can download for free and use throughout the holiday season!

Just to quickly recap for those of you who are new, we are in the middle of the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas. On day 1, you put together a binder that you are keeping all of your Christmas related lists and things in. You also downloaded the Christmas planner to use. Then, you filled out your calendar for the month of December and wrote out a master to-do list. Next, you decided on what your Christmas budget is going to be and who you were buying gifts for. On day 4, you brainstormed and came up with different gift ideas for those on your gift list. You then started planning out your Christmas cards and compiling an address list. You wrote out lists for all the Christmas traditions and activities that you and your family are doing this year and made time for them on the calendar. You also decided on the crafts that you were making this year. You came up with a Christmas baking list and gathered all the needed recipes together. You planned out your Christmas dinner menu and made a grocery list. Lastly, you made your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping plan and lists.

Now, it is time for you to decide what you are going to decorate this year for Christmas! Christmas decorating has got to be one of my favorite things to do for the holidays. I don't really decorate a whole lot for other holidays, so Christmas is the one where I like to go all out! I can spend several days decorating. It's not unusual to find my living room and foyer cluttered with lights, ribbon, ornaments, and fresh Christmas tree clippings right around Thanksgiving! Sometimes I decorate the same things in the same way and sometimes I have tons of new ideas that I want to do. How do you decorate?

I usually decorate the main rooms and outside areas that we are in - the Living Room, Dining Room, Hall Bathroom, Kitchen, Front Porch, and a small tree in my daughter's room. My husband likes to put up lights outside. I have to set goals for myself in what I will decorate each day or else it'll never get done before Christmas. I like to decorate and then spend the rest of the holidays enjoying all the Christmas decor! What about you?

Today, you are going to plan when you are going to decorate and what rooms will get Christmas decor. You can choose to go as simple as only putting up a tree or you can go all out and have every nook and cranny decorated. It's completely up to you! What I do recommend is setting aside the time for you to decorate and not waiting until the last minuet to start. You can browse Pinterest for Christmas decorating ideas and also look at what ideas I have pinned on my Christmas board.

Today's Assignment

Write out your plan for what you are going to decorate this year room by room. Set a date on the Calendar of when you are going to start decorating. Give yourself smaller decorating tasks to do each day. Have an end date in mind.

How are you doing with this organizing challenge? Have you done all the different assignments each day? Make sure to download the Christmas planner if you still need to! Come back tomorrow to see what the assignment is! You can get caught up with all the posts in this 15 day organizing series right here. 

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