Set Up a Gift Wrapping Station

Welcome back to day 12 in the 15 Days to an Organized Christmas! For the last several days, we have been talking about different things that you can do now that will get you organized and ready for the upcoming Christmas. On day 1, you downloaded a pretty Christmas planner and organized everything in one location. Than you filled out your December calendar with all your social events and made a to-do list. Next, you decided on your Christmas budget and who you are buying gifts for. Then you brainstormed for gift ideas for those on your gift list. On day 5, you made decisions about your Christmas cards and picked the day that you are sending them out. You then made out a list of the different crafts that you want to make this holiday season and all the traditions and activities that your family will be a part of this year. You decided on your Christmas baking and gathered the recipes up. You also made a menu plan for Christmas dinner and a shopping list to go with it. You made black Friday and cyber Monday lists. Lastly, you made a plan of what you are going to decorate this year.

Wow! Do you feel like you are ready for the upcoming holiday season yet? This Christmas, because you have started now, your Christmas will be less rushed and you will be less stressed. I guarantee it!

Remember when I shared with you one of my biggest time savers during the holidays? Today, I am going to share with you another thing that I do every single Christmas season that saves me so much time. That is setting up a central gift wrapping station! Yes! A central gift wrapping station.

Having a gift wrapping station set up for the entire Christmas season s such a time-saver for me because I have one place that I go to quickly wrap gifts. Since everything is all out and ready for gift wrapping, I can wrap one or two things at a time whenever I need too. Gifts do not pile up and I do not have to do a marathon gift wrapping session on Christmas Eve. As I have gifts that are ready to be wrapped, I can wrap them right then and there.

In the gift wrapping area, I have Christmas gift wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, bows, ribbon, tape, scissors, pens, gift tags, and anything else that one needs for wrapping gifts. Everything stays in the area and does not get removed. That way, everything is right where you left it and ready for the next time you need to wrap a gift.

For me, I set up my station in my guest room. I know that no one will touch them because it's a room that we don't use every single day and the children do not play in there. So it is perfect for getting my gift wrapping supplies out and leaving them there for the entire Christmas season. My mom has her gift wrapping supplies under the bed in her bedroom. Whenever she wraps gifts, she can pull out the box and wrap right there. When she's done, all the wrapping supplies roll quickly back under the bed. Another lady I know sets up her gift wrapping station on her pool table. I guess it's because it has a nice big, flat area.

So you see, there is not a right or wrong way to do this. You may need to get creative of where you keep everything. But don't let that stop you from doing this! The point is to for you to have everything you need in one location so that you can have everything you need right away to wrap your Christmas gifts.

Today's Assignment

Set up a gift wrapping station. Look through your gift wrap supplies and make sure you have enough wrapping paper, tape, gift tags, ect. Make a list of things you need to by at the store.

How are you doing with the 15 days to an organized Christmas? Did you set up a wrapping station? Can you believe that we only have 3 more days in this series?! If you need to get caught up with any of the other days in the 15 day Christmas organizing series, you can find them all right here! You can also download the beautiful Christmas planner if you need it, there is still time to get it and put it to use this year!

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