What Needs to Be Organized & Deep Cleaned?

Welcome back to another day in the 15 days to an organized Christmas! Can you believe we are already on day 13 with only 2 more days to go?! You can see that by doing a simple task each day, you can be ready well before Christmas gets here. This in turn allows you to enjoy the holidays instead of rushing through them. It also puts you in charge of your holiday season instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out! As the saying goes, if you fail to plan than you've planned to fail.

Let me do a quick recap for those who are new to the Christmas organizing series. On day 1, you downloaded a Christmas planner and put together a binder to hold all your Christmas planner and all the related lists. You have been busy filling the planner out over the last several days. You filled out your calendar and made a master to-do list. Then you decided on your Christmas budget and who you needed to buy gifts for. You quickly brainstormed different gift ideas for those on your gift list. Next you started planning your Christmas cards and started compiling your address list. You made a list of all the Christmas traditions and activities that your family is doing this year. Then you decided on all the different crafts that you wanted to make during the holiday season. Next, you decided on the Christmas baking that you are doing this year and gathered up all the recipes. You also decided on your Christmas dinner and if you were shopping on black Friday/cyber Monday. On day 11, you came up with a plan of what you are decorating this year for Christmas and yesterday, you set up a gift wrapping station.

Phew! That is a whole lot of work that you've been doing for the last 12 days! Look at you, you are so organized and have the entire Christmas season planned out. You are so, so close to being ready for the upcoming holiday season!

Today, you are going to pick one or two areas that you need to get ready for Christmas. This could be  any area of your house. These are the areas in your house that are the most pressing and would benefit the most from detailed focus from you before the busy holidays.

Maybe it is going through and organizing the children's toys or cleaning up the guest room. Maybe it is removing clutter from the living room and dining room. Or that pile of stuff that you've been meaning to get to for some time now. It might be getting on top of your laundry situation or finally taking that donation pile to Goodwill.

Whatever place it may be, focus on that one place. You can't do it all and if you try to, you will end up stressing yourself out and completely overwhelmed! This is the opposite of what we are wanting this holiday season. Remember that you are doing this 15 day organizing challenge to be prepared and ready for the holidays so that you can enjoy the Christmas season this year.

Also, keep in mind that now, right before the busy Christmas season starts, is not the time to be diving head first into a big renovation project. Don't start tearing up your living room floors or start the bathroom remodel project. No! Save that for January when the holidays are well behind you. You will do yourself a big, big favor this year by not doing that. Instead, concentrate on something small that you can do and be done in a single afternoon.

If you are expecting overnight guests, is your guest room ready? Is your dining room ready for that big Christmas dinner? Can you see the table? Maybe your house just needs a really good cleaning. Do what you can today to get ready for your upcoming guests.

If you have kids, I strongly suggest going through all the toys and getting rid of the ones that are broken, missing pieces, and/or don't get played with anymore. Make room for the new toys that your child will receive this year while blessing other children with the old toys. Get your children involved in helping you! After all, it's their toys and your kids need to be included in sorting through which ones they want to keep, give, and throw out.

Today's Assignment

Pick 1 or 2 areas that you need to deep clean or organize. Get a large trash bag to put unwanted items in. After you sort through and organize the room, give it a deep cleaning. Remember not to do too much! Keep your task small, manageable, and do-able in a single afternoon.

Tell me in the comments below what room or area that you are going to organize today. How are you doing with the 15 day organizing challenge? What has been the hardest day for you so far? How about the easiest? Did you make sure to download the Christmas planner? There is still time to do that if you still need to! Also, you can catch up on the 15 days to an organized Christmas challenge right here. I'll see you back here tomorrow for day 14!

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